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Hi, Steve. 00:00:32
How are you? 00:00:33
Alright. 00:00:57
No, that's not him. 00:02:16
Sir, yesterday I saw him. 00:02:19
Maybe it was Tuesday. 00:02:21
Just be out of town again. 00:02:23
Yeah. 00:02:27
Yeah, yeah. 00:02:32
Alright. 00:03:33
Ohh OK. 00:05:25
Am I on? There we go. OK. 00:06:05
Well, welcome everybody. We usually will not nervous because our council meetings are usually just like. 00:06:08
One or two people, So. 00:06:15
Before we kick this off, I just have to ask, is there anybody? 00:06:17
That is here tonight just strictly to make public comment to the Council. 00:06:22
One, OK, we're going to we'll we'll probably start with that first because the way the council's agenda is. 00:06:27
Uh. 00:06:33
Pub. The public hearing is scheduled for 7:00 PM, so we won't start that till then. So we're scheduled to move right into. 00:06:35
Helping hands to work, which is the first thing on our agenda. 00:06:42
But will we, we are going to call this meeting of the City of holiday to order tonight. 00:06:45
And as as is our tradition, we always start with the Pledge of Allegiance, and we are. 00:06:52
Really happy and pleased to have our former colleague. 00:06:57
And District 4 representative, right? 00:07:01
Steve Gunn So Steve as as graciously agreed to to come up and lead us in the pledge. So if everybody if as you're able, would you 00:07:05
please rise? 00:07:09
Delete. 00:07:19
United States of America. 00:07:22
One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and. 00:07:28
Thanks, Steve. 00:07:37
I should also also recognize Deputy Mayor Kanters come for one of the awards where we're grateful you're here tonight. 00:07:40
So item number. 00:07:48
4 on the agenda is public comment and since we only have one person and I don't want to keep you if. 00:07:51
You're not going to stick around. I'm going to open up public comment, let you address the council and then we'll move right into 00:07:57
the Helping hands award. So if you want to come up. 00:08:00
Uh, again, just give us your name and address and. 00:08:04
Right there. 00:08:11
My name is Matthew Tracy. 00:08:14
Ohh cool. Thank you. 00:08:17
Hello everyone. My name is Matthew Tracy. I live at 3030 E Middleton Way. I'm a resident of District 4. 00:08:19
I'm running for City Council against this scheme and talented woman. 00:08:27
I basically have an issue I'd like to bring before the Council that I think may be of interest, and it involves. 00:08:32
And I'd like to basically just quickly give you some context for what's going on, why I'm here, kind of explain the issue because 00:08:39
I think there is a public safety issue at hand. 00:08:44
And I've done a little bit of background things that and done some legwork. 00:08:49
To provide a possible solution that the Council is, if you find the issue of interest. 00:08:54
You're welcome to take a look at. 00:08:59
I as I mentioned I live in holiday and kind of see Morningside from my house and. 00:09:01
Every Friday I take my kids, uh walk down to Olympia Skills Gas Station Street Day. You can go buy Skittles and whatnot. And you 00:09:07
know the honor Pretty good. And so when I chose to run for City Council. 00:09:12
Started knocking doors and you know, ask people you know things that matter to you that I can help you with. 00:09:18
And I happen to know the owner of the gas station and it turns out he had an issue. He brought me outside his gas station and. 00:09:23
Went into a sidewalk that runs right in front of his, his place of business. 00:09:30
That sidewalk runs directly into a concrete wall and dies. 00:09:34
And there is no sidewalk for the entirety of that distance from Olympus Hill gas station all the way up to the park. 00:09:39
Every other major thoroughfare in our district has sidewalks on both sides. 00:09:47
3900 Health does, 2300 has, 4500 hundred has as well, except for this one section. 00:09:52
It's an incredibly busy Rd. 00:09:59
There's also a bus stop at the top and there's a small concentration of businesses. 00:10:01
So I started talking to the other businesses and they all share the exact same concern, the skills. 00:10:07
Find Eating establishment feels the same way. Wants to participate. 00:10:12
The nail salon place wanted to as well and I also called called the owner. 00:10:16
Of the building, and he said he's very interested in one as well. 00:10:21
Umm. 00:10:24
When we kind of initially looked into it, I kind of inquired if there was anything could even be done and was initially told that 00:10:26
no, this is a U dot easement. 00:10:29
And as a consequence, it's not really possible to put a sidewalk here. 00:10:33
The little checking it kind of turns out not to be the case. 00:10:38
UDOT takes cities like holiday to put sidewalks and everything all the time. 00:10:41
That they even have funds. I did a little bit of research and it's kind of thing that they from time to time take a look at. 00:10:46
I think the other concern, and this is just me trying to do a little late work to, you know, perhaps come up with a possible 00:10:53
solution. 00:10:56
I think the other concern was was as. 00:11:00
The easements changed over time. 00:11:03
That there was just simply an odd congruence of things. And still, unless somebody deeds their private land, there's no way to do 00:11:06
it. 00:11:10
Also turns out not to be the case. 00:11:14
I went out and got and I have it here. I was told I need to report this information through the manager. 00:11:16
I have a OneDrive link with pictures of all the people and written statements. 00:11:22
Along with my communication with the UDOT officials. 00:11:26
I'd be happy to forward if the Council feels this is something of interest. 00:11:30
To take a look at. 00:11:34
Umm. 00:11:36
Basically, it turns out that this section of Rd. has not been touched since 1958. 00:11:37
I was able to get the plat here. 00:11:42
And there's an 80 foot UDOT easement. We absolutely have the space in the legal right. 00:11:44
Put a sidewalk in there. 00:11:49
Final question of course is and and you know there really is if you go drive and look at it is a dangerous little spot. 00:11:51
And you know, when you're at the, you know, these businesses, I walk there all the time and I don't go up and down because there's 00:11:57
no sidewalk. 00:12:00
Dangerous. 00:12:03
So I I think there's. 00:12:04
Clear need for this. 00:12:07
I imagine as a council he's very you have to prioritize things. Things cost money. 00:12:10
But I have also done some legwork and I think there's a real opportunity to use other people's funds potentially. 00:12:15
I think one of the final thing if council decides to consider this issue and could be aware of, but I do think there is a certain 00:12:21
element of here of. 00:12:24
This ain't my problem. 00:12:28
When I called you dot, there was an initial. Well, we can't do it. 00:12:30
Had to find people that were willing to go the extra mile. 00:12:33
I think if people on the council and you dot were actually to kind of make an effort, I think there is a solution to be had here 00:12:37
for very little money, so. 00:12:41
If you decide you're interested, I'd love to share the information with you. 00:12:45
Forwarded. 00:12:49
Be happy to thank you. Thank you for your time. Thank you. 00:12:51
OK. Thank you and and we will close public comment and we'll move to. 00:13:00
Item number three, which is our 2023 Helping Hands awards. 00:13:06
I'm going to read a statement in just a moment that that Holly Smith our our deputy, city manager, assistant city manager. 00:13:10
Wrote up for this event that kind of explains it, but. 00:13:17
Just to give you an overview, five, 6-7 years ago, however long it's been Ally. 00:13:20
We just. 00:13:26
Recognized as a council, we have so many people in our community that do so many things under the radar. They don't want any 00:13:27
recognition. 00:13:31
They just want to serve the community in whatever capacity is that they're passionate about and they choose to serve in. 00:13:35
And so we just thought one time a year. 00:13:42
We would. 00:13:45
Allow people in the community to nominate people they know that are doing this kind of work to receive what we ended up naming the 00:13:47
Helping Hands award, which is just how can how can we help our community, how how can we help the City of holiday and the citizens 00:13:52
holiday. 00:13:57
And so that that's how it all started. This is a little bit different tonight because typically we. 00:14:02
Have two or three. 00:14:09
Awardees, tonight we have 9. 00:14:11
477 PM Council member if if folks just want to visit a little bit. 00:14:44
So that's really the genesis of how this, this night started. 00:14:51
A number of years ago and so let me just start with with a description of what this is all about. 00:14:54
So thank you and welcome to to the Holiday City Council Meeting and the 2023 Helping Hands of Holiday Awards presentation. 00:15:01
The Helping Hands program aims to recognize individuals or groups. 00:15:09
Who are actively helping make holiday great through acts of volunteerism and service. 00:15:14
We are pleased to have so many special guests here tonight as we honor a few exceptional individuals for their efforts in making 00:15:19
holiday great community. 00:15:22
We will be presenting 9 Helping Hands Helping Hands of Holiday Awards tonight. 00:15:26
Since we have a large group of people that we are honoring, I'm going to highlight all of the award recipients in brief 00:15:32
presentation and I will call each person forward to accept their award. 00:15:36
At the conclusion, will provide an opportunity for award recipients to say a few words if they wish to. 00:15:42
Don't worry if you don't. If you haven't prepared anything, that's not mandatory, but if you do want to say a few words. 00:15:48
We we would welcome that as well. 00:15:53
So our nine nominees this evening? 00:15:56
We'll start with our 2023 Helping Hands holiday recipient of Natalie Bradley. 00:16:00
Natalie just called us and said something came up. She was. You won't be able to join us tonight, but. 00:16:05
Natalie was nominated by Cheryl Gilliland. 00:16:11
Executive Director of our Arts Council. She has been an enthusiastic. 00:16:15
Holiday Arts Council member since 2018. 00:16:19
And is finishing A2 year term as chair. Natalie created the children's theater program in 2019. So every year usually it's like in 00:16:22
May or June she puts on a little play and a lot of the kids join up and it's it's a great event. 00:16:29
Ginger gun, We already met. 00:16:39
We already met Steve earlier. 00:16:41
Is also nominated by Cheryl. 00:16:44
She has been a member of the Holiday Arts Council since 2017 and finished her second term as the vice chair. 00:16:47
She created the Holiday Reflections in dance concert. 00:16:53
So Ginger taught for many, many years at Evergreen Junior High, I believe, and probably before that, privately. 00:16:58
And. 00:17:06
Coordinates an event, a great event. Usually it's in April, first part of April, usually over at Olympus Junior High, where she 00:17:07
brings in a number of dance companies. 00:17:11
And it's just a fabulous event. So we're we're proud to be able to honor Ginger tonight as well. 00:17:16
And Cheryl Gilliland, who has been nominated by Paul Fotheringham. 00:17:22
Council member, District 3 representative who has served on our Arts Council for many years. 00:17:26
And we're we're very we're, we're. 00:17:31
We're sad Cheryl's going to be leaving us next month, but we're happy that we had her. 00:17:34
For the time that we did, and she's just done a phenomenal job of shepherding the Arts Council into what had just become an 00:17:39
incredibly important committee to to our city. 00:17:44
She has served as the Executive Director of the Holiday Arts Council since 2017. Her exceptional leadership and organizational 00:17:50
skills of elevated the arts in holiday. Under her care all forms of creative expression of blossomed in our community. 00:17:57
Cheryl is leaving holiday in October and her shoes will be hard to fill and she will be deeply missed. 00:18:03
Lyman Losie. 00:18:11
Was nominated by Sandy Meadows. I don't know if Sandy's here tonight. I don't. 00:18:14
See her? 00:18:18
Lyman serves on the Holiday Historical Commission and is and is it a local Sons of Utah Pioneers member. 00:18:20
He has contributed to the collection of digitization of local history. 00:18:27
And called the sale of book on a book on holidays history to raise funds. 00:18:32
For a forthcoming community exhibit experience. 00:18:37
So just briefly, there's a couple of really incredible things happening in the city as it relates to our historical Commission. 00:18:41
We're going to put a few. We're going to place a few monuments. 00:18:49
In the near future, in what's called the Cottonwoods area, we've got 3. 00:18:52
Locations that historical commissions working on for that effort. 00:18:57
But more importantly, we've started we received a $600,000 award through TRC with a quarter million dollar match that we're going 00:19:02
to be putting together on a volunteer basis and with the. 00:19:08
With coordination with the City Council. So that money is going to go towards creating an historical walk. 00:19:15
Behind City Hall, as well as some historical displays inside City Hall and various kiosks around the city that note significant 00:19:22
historical events that have occurred in the city. 00:19:27
This is this is, I think it's phase one and two, Holly. 00:19:34
Of three. 00:19:38
OK, so there's actually a third phase two, but we'll have to work on funding for that later. But this is this, this was a huge 00:19:40
lift for the Commission and the city. 00:19:44
And is is going to really bless this city for years to come once it's in, but that process is now starting. I think we put out an 00:19:49
RFP for. 00:19:53
Creation of of those particular displays in historical walk, so that's line and Rosie. 00:19:57
2023 Helping hands the holiday recipient Barbara Thornton, nominated by Andrea Wynn, who is the principal at Crestview Elementary, 00:20:04
I believe, is the PTA President for Olympus Junior High and has been very active on the Crestview Elementary PTA Board. 00:20:11
Her kindness, dedication and willingness to help inspire those around her. 00:20:19
Barbs. Incredible support. Boys up our teachers. 00:20:23
Our students. 00:20:26
And our community. 00:20:28
And I was just talking with Barbara earlier and I I had trying to remember what our connection was, but it was through a. 00:20:29
A Zoom call with Lauren Anderson, right? 00:20:37
Talking about. 00:20:41
How do we get a fully accessible playground at Crestview Elementary and I'm trying to remember how, how all that went. 00:20:43
But I think the message was it's really difficult to do and good luck. I hope you can raise the kind of money you're talking 00:20:52
about. And she just told me that they've got the first phase approved and they're going to put it in. 00:20:56
Which is this incredible accomplishment from a volunteer basis, but also. 00:21:01
For the Crestview community and kids that can now fully have access to that playground. 00:21:06
So kudos to you and your I know it was a big team, big team left, right? 00:21:13
Yeah. 00:21:18
And she's got quite the fan club. Raise your hands. 00:21:19
That's awesome. 00:21:24
So, Kate Kaufman. 00:21:28
Was nominated by Jen Wonderley and those that know Jen is headed up to friend to friend youth group. 00:21:30
Volunteer group for I think 25 years, somebody told me at our last fundraising event. I hope I got that right. 00:21:36
Umm. 00:21:43
So Kate served as a friend or friend student president. She created a new website for the organization. Led the. 00:21:45
100 Friend to Friend student volunteers on various projects. 00:21:52
And continues to broaden her ability for community impact as a freshman at Harvard University. 00:21:56
So a real underachiever there. 00:22:02
Umm. 00:22:05
And this will come later, but as Megan here. 00:22:09
Megan. Megan. So Megan's going to be receiving that award in a moment for Kate in her absence. So. And Megan, thanks for coming. 00:22:13
Lauren Anderson. 00:22:23
Nominated by Julia Whitehead. 00:22:25
Is currently serving as the PTA president of Crestview Elementary and will continue in the role in 2024. She has she has led many 00:22:28
initiatives like a fundraiser to provide gift cards to low income families and grants for teachers. 00:22:34
Supplies. 00:22:41
She was also instrumental. We were talking earlier about raising funds and doing all the late work, the administrative work to get 00:22:44
that playground in as well, and you wanted to make sure she was properly recognized for her efforts. 00:22:50
Nominated by the entire Holiday City Council. 00:22:59
Salt Lake County Flood control. We have 4 representatives here, 3 representatives, and then we have the Deputy mayor here as well. 00:23:03
And we're so pleased that you would take some time to show up for this. 00:23:11
Because a lot of times you don't get recognized right. You get recognized for the wrong reason. 00:23:15
But Salt Lake County flood control went above and beyond for those that remember the April, May time frame and kind of the panic 00:23:21
that was going around our communities when we had 75 feet of snow up at Alta that all needed to come down and head out to the 00:23:26
Great Salt Lake. 00:23:31
They went above and beyond art. 00:23:37
To ensure our community was educated, prepared and responsive to potential flood conditions, we are especially grateful for their 00:23:40
creative and efficient use of the Public Works team members. 00:23:45
In addressing issues on Big Cottonwood Creek. 00:23:51
And keeping grades in other areas free of debris. So they did a lot of, a lot of work before that snow was coming down to make 00:23:54
sure our channels were cleared and then had teams on hand. 00:23:59
To help us with tagging we had. 00:24:04
Front motor or something down, down, behind, off of of Highland Drive where the big grade is where we had problems before with 00:24:11
Creekside Park. 00:24:15
So we're just really grateful for the work you guys did. Thanks again for showing up well past year. More in just a moment. 00:24:19
Ohh, I'm sorry I missed one. 00:24:28
Wendy Frank, nominated by council member Matt Durham. 00:24:31
Who serves on our tree committee as a member of the Holiday Tree Committee? 00:24:36
She spearheaded the Earth Day and Arbor Arbor Day celebrations. 00:24:39
Partnering with local schools, engaging students in the events with creative writing contests. 00:24:44
And bringing new tree plantings to beautify the community. So that's when the fray. 00:24:49
So congratulations to all of the award recipients. 00:24:56
We're excited to honor these remarkable individuals in the 2023 Helping Hands of Holiday program. 00:25:00
As I call your name, please step forward. Accept your award Award recipients, please remain at the front of the room. 00:25:06
And we will have a group photo once the awards are called. 00:25:12
You're also welcome if the nominee The nominator is here if you want to step up for the photo. 00:25:15
We would welcome that as well and we will start with Ginger Gun. 00:25:21
OK. 00:25:34
Just right over here, Ginger, We're just going to line you up. 00:25:53
OK, Paul, if you want to come down, next is Cheryl Gilliland. 00:26:02
Thanks, Paul. 00:26:26
Lyman Losi. 00:26:31
Barbara Thornton. 00:26:56
OK. Salt Lake County Flood Control, OK, Are you going to come up or do you want the whole team? 00:27:15
Bring him up. 00:27:21
OK, Wendy, Frank is not with us, but I understand Carolyn Griffin. 00:27:43
Carolyn, OK. 00:27:48
OK, Megan Wilchinski is going to accept on behalf of Kate Kaufman. 00:28:04
I believe that's. 00:28:27
Holly, where are you? 00:28:28
I'll believe that then, huh? 00:28:30
Yeah, if you guys all want to pull in, we can get one group photo. That'd be awesome. 00:28:33
So we we are not starting council till 7:00 PM. 00:29:10
And if. 00:29:15
Certainly no pressure, but if any of their recipients would want to say a few words, you're certainly welcome. 00:29:17
We'll just take you one at a time. 00:29:23
You want to come on up, come on up. 00:29:25
Alright, I'm here on behalf of my. 00:29:31
Good friend Wendy Frank, who's at a wedding in Ireland so she has a good excuse not to be here, but just on a personal note, she's 00:29:36
so. 00:29:40
And dedicated and enthusiastic, conscientious. 00:29:45
And everything she does is sits always. 00:29:50
100% and above. 00:29:52
So I'd like to read a statement that she wrote. So I'm going to read some comments that she wrote that I would like to share with 00:29:55
you, and I'll do that on her behalf. 00:29:59
Rabindranath Tagore, an Indian poet and philosopher of the late 19th and early 20th century, once said. 00:30:04
I slept and dreamt that life was joy. 00:30:13
I awoke and saw that life was service. 00:30:17
And I acted, and behold, service with joy. 00:30:20
It is been a genuine joy and privilege to serve on the Holiday Tree Committee. I share this award with our Tree Committee Chair 00:30:26
and spark plug, Travis Jones. 00:30:31
Ohh always gives 110%. 00:30:36
And whose guidance and inexhaustible support have been instrumental and indispensable. 00:30:39
I would be remiss if I did not mention the steadfast encouragement and support. 00:30:45
Given me by Mayor Daley. 00:30:50
And Selena Controlli, Sesley Madison and Assistant City Manager Holly Smith. Not to not to forget, ardent and dedicated 3 00:30:52
champions Caroline Giffin and Dennis Roach. 00:30:58
It is during the Arbor Day celebrations when I derive the greatest joy in knowing that our efforts in the Tree Committee will 00:31:05
potentially not only. 00:31:09
And prompt not only the whole community, but young people in particular. 00:31:14
To appreciate the power and the benefits of trees. 00:31:19
And the vital role that they can that they assume as caretakers and the preservation of our emblematic urban forest. 00:31:23
I remain humbled and grateful for this nomination from the City Council member. 00:31:32
Matt Durham, our appreciated liaison to the big holiday City Council who wholeheartedly joins not only our monthly meetings but is 00:31:37
down in the trenches with us. 00:31:43
And a big shout out to the entire Holiday City Council for your sponsorship in this award. 00:31:49
His nomination was a jaw dropper and absolutely knocked me off my socks. 00:31:55
So my heart felt gratitude to all. 00:32:00
Wendy Frank. 00:32:03
Hmm. 00:32:05
Ohh boy. Well, I don't want to take anything away from our illustrious City Council. 00:32:20
But we all know that the Arts Council is the heart and soul of our community. 00:32:28
And. 00:32:35
The Arts Council has become a great part of my heart and soul as well. 00:32:36
What a wonderful experience to. 00:32:43
Worked alongside. 00:32:46
People who are just genius of what they do. 00:32:48
And especially my dear friend Cheryl Gillan. 00:32:51
Ohh goodness gracious, she's going to be so hard to replace. 00:32:55
Well, she we won't replace her. She's just always going to be with us. 00:32:59
That Cheryl, is the heart and the soul. 00:33:03
Of anything that we do, that is. 00:33:06
Well done. 00:33:08
With our Arts Council. 00:33:10
And I am so grateful. 00:33:12
For having had this wonderful opportunity, grateful for the support that we've had from our City Council. 00:33:14
And just so happy that this has been a memory that I will never forget. Thank you. 00:33:23
Thank you for this lovely award. I just want to recognize the hundreds of volunteers I've worked with. 00:33:40
On PTA and the literal thousands of hours that they have donated in service of our community. It is a really special place to be, 00:33:47
I feel like. 00:33:51
Everyone in here has probably had an experience with volunteering with PGA and it's. 00:33:56
It's pretty fun. 00:34:00
PTA is the largest and oldest. 00:34:02
Child advocacy group and the Nation and they get a lot of cool things done because of PTA. We have school lunch. 00:34:04
We have a lot of great programs that wouldn't have existed except for moms and dads and community members that have. 00:34:12
Decided to advocate and donate their time for our kids. 00:34:17
I believe. 00:34:21
It's really in my heart there is not a there's no such thing as other people's children. 00:34:22
All children belong to all of us and it is our responsibility. 00:34:27
To help them and teach them and support them. 00:34:31
And I think the people that deserve the most credit for that in our community. 00:34:33
Right now, our teachers and educators, we are so lucky to have such great schools. 00:34:37
And I fully support public education and that is why I have donated so much time. 00:34:42
To doing this work because I am so believe in public education and the kids. 00:34:48
And I want to thank my family. 00:34:54
Who are here and who have sacrificed a lot of time with me so I can do this work that I feel called to do. I'm really grateful. 00:34:56
To them, and to all of you, and to live in such a beautiful. 00:35:04
Place that club community minded. Thank you. 00:35:07
Thank you very much for this honor. It has been my privilege to. 00:35:25
Laid the Arts Council whole last six years. 00:35:31
And I know I have this reputation of people seeing how they didn't. I knock on their door and I say I have this idea. 00:35:34
And like they sort of run away. 00:35:43
Or roll their eyes. Yeah, lots of eye rolling. 00:35:47
But I have found Holiday to be exceptionally receptive to art. 00:35:51
I'm passionate about art. 00:35:57
I believe in its power to heal. I believe that it's power to join communities together, and I believe that it's power of sharing 00:36:00
stories. 00:36:05
Of the people I have met here and the stories I've heard. 00:36:11
Are very powerful and movie and I will not forget all the people I've worked with and I also want to give a shout out to the Arts 00:36:17
Council because. 00:36:21
Of a very odd job in the city, which is I work part time. 00:36:26
That we put on Betty Betty events, which we cannot do without volunteers. 00:36:31
So I cannot either do my job. 00:36:37
Without the help of the community and the Blue Book Festival we had, in addition to fire and police and other paid people, we had 00:36:40
70 volunteers. 00:36:46
It's a big festival, requires a lot of work. 00:36:52
And I the. 00:36:57
The people I worked with at the city of that fact was, I think, good friends. 00:36:59
We've done some crazy projects together and I am going to do it shout out. 00:37:04
For our public art sculpture, which is being installed over at the Plaza next Tuesday at 10 AM. 00:37:09
It is very large so you won't be able to miss it, but we will be celebrating it. 00:37:19
October 7th at our Plaza Fest, what we have the flat Air painters will be out there painting, we'll have live music, and we'll 00:37:25
have a ribbon cutting for the sculpture. 00:37:30
So thank you very much. I'm very honored to have this award. 00:37:36
When I was asked to. 00:38:04
To take part in in the Historical Commission, I had no idea what I was getting into. 00:38:06
But I'm glad I I did. 00:38:13
I come from a much different background. I've been in aerospace industry and. 00:38:16
And related with rockets and explosives and other things like that throughout the world. 00:38:21
And. 00:38:27
I'm a little bit interested in history and art. 00:38:29
And and so. 00:38:32
I've been so impressed with the the people in the. 00:38:35
That I've I've. 00:38:39
Been able to work with in the Historical Commission and also with the. 00:38:40
Art. 00:38:45
We've helped them and. 00:38:47
Back and forth and. 00:38:50
And I I'd like to thank my wife for putting it up with. 00:38:52
With me, what I'm doing with all of these women all the time. 00:38:56
And now you can see why they're there. There's such good people and what they do. I've been so impressed with this city. 00:39:00
We've lived where I'm not from this area, particularly the city. 00:39:08
And. 00:39:13
We've lived here about 50 years and in. 00:39:14
Wonderful place to live and. 00:39:17
You compare. 00:39:20
Our leaders here. 00:39:21
With. 00:39:23
People throughout the world. 00:39:24
In leadership positions and they don't come any better than what we're. 00:39:26
Have to help lead us. 00:39:31
Really. You're all outstanding. 00:39:33
And. 00:39:36
It's such an honor to be associated with you. 00:39:38
Hello, since I'm here on behalf of Salt Lake County and representing an entire division, I just wanted to say to introduce myself 00:39:58
Kate Moniker, Division Director of Salt Lake County Flood Control. 00:40:03
With me I have Bob Thompson. He is our watershed section manager and we were kind of the public face. 00:40:08
Of Salt Lake County Flood Control. 00:40:14
To the cities and so on. But I just want to say thank you to the mayor and thank you to the city of Holiday. 00:40:16
For every you know everything that you do in cooperation with us through these types of events. 00:40:20
And you hit on the mail. You know, flood control is a kind of a forgotten thing in the background. What a lot of what we do 00:40:26
happens at night and happens. 00:40:29
Out of sight, so it's really great to be. 00:40:34
Recognized for some of the work that we do and thank you to Gina and all you do. So just want to say it's it's great to be 00:40:37
recognized. 00:40:41
And umm, thank you. 00:40:44
OK. 00:41:02
Everybody has an opportunity. 00:41:05
Before I forget. 00:41:08
You gotta be beautiful boxes that those awards going so well. 00:41:09
Bring those out. Make sure you get one of those to put these these in when you head out. 00:41:14
So congratulations to Natalie, Ginger, Cheryl, Wyman, Barbara, Wendy, Kate, Lauren, and. 00:41:23
Salt Lake County Flood Control. 00:41:30
Individuals like you make this world a better place than we are so fortunate to have. 00:41:32
You be part of our community. Thank you again to our award recipients and their families and friends for being here with us 00:41:36
tonight. 00:41:39
Especially Barbara Thornton and her family while also showing. 00:41:44
You inspire us all. 00:41:49
So. 00:41:51
We again, we don't start council till 7:00, so we'll take a break here and. 00:41:53
The council will come down and feel free to visit for the next 15 or 20 minutes. 00:41:57
But I don't want to diminish the awards. 00:42:02
For the 99 recipients tonight. But the reason this award really came about is. 00:42:05
A recognition from our council and our staff. 00:42:10
That there and and I don't think you'll disagree with me. I think you'll agree with me that. 00:42:14
It's because we have, we bump into and we have literally. 00:42:18
Hundreds of people out in our community. 00:42:22
Every day doing all this incredible work. 00:42:25
That's just completely under the radar. 00:42:28
People don't notice it. They don't want recognition. They don't seek recognition. They just have this desire. 00:42:31
To. 00:42:38
You know, maybe it's spaced out of gratitude. I know it is for me. I feel so fortunate. 00:42:40
To be live in this country, to live in this community, to have parents, I've had all these things that that I really had nothing 00:42:45
to do with, you know, it's just just luck on my behalf. 00:42:50
But a lot of the people I run into in public service, all my colleagues here. 00:42:55
Catherine, you just run into these incredible people that don't have to do this work, but I think they do it out of a sense of. 00:43:01
Gratitude and a desire to want to do something, to want to give back in some way, which is why all of you are here. 00:43:09
So you make our community better. 00:43:17
We appreciate all you do. Again, thanks for coming and keep up the good work. Thank you. 00:43:20
Yeah. 00:48:03
Industry. 00:52:50
Have. 00:56:29
Open. 00:57:10
Thank you. 00:58:20
Yeah. 01:01:33
So I walk in. 01:02:11
OK. 01:02:13
OK, Sorry, the time got away from me at 7:00. 01:02:21
Sorry, John. 01:02:41
Make you do the audio visual. We make you move the furniture around. It's just messing up my punctuation. 01:02:44
Give them a raise or something. 01:02:51
That's true. 01:02:57
OK, let me get my bearings here after all that. 01:03:01
So I believe we're on item number 5, item 5 now. 01:03:07
So item number 5 is a public hearing on on the proposed rezone for property located at 4930 S. 01:03:11
Westmore Rd. From P to R110 Residential single family. 01:03:20
Umm. 01:03:26
So. 01:03:30
I think I want to have some discussion on this before we open up the public hearing. We'll start with John. John if you want to. 01:03:31
Kind of go through the staff, report with us and then talk a little bit if you don't mind. 01:03:38
I understand this went through Planning Commission Tuesday and it was voted Tuesday at Planning Commission. 01:03:42
Thank you, Mayor. Yes, Planning Commission did hear this just the other day. 01:04:01
For their public hearing on this rezone. 01:04:06
And the reason that we were hearing, the Council is hearing it so quickly. 01:04:09
Is a couple of issues we had with our own noticing processes that delayed the application. 01:04:14
By our own mistakes, so. 01:04:20
What should have been heard? 01:04:22
Couple of weeks ago, you know more than three or four weeks ago was just here yesterday by the Planning Commission. 01:04:25
And was voted to recommend a rezone from the P zone to R110, which is also the surrounding zone for that neighborhood. 01:04:31
Planning Commission did hear a couple of comments. 01:04:42
From the community and had a discussion on. 01:04:44
Various uses that would be appropriate there. 01:04:47
And unanimously made the conclusion that matching the zone that was in that neighborhood made the best sense. 01:04:50
For this for this property. 01:04:58
Applicant is here tonight I believe, and you can make a representation of what how his neighborhood meeting went. 01:05:00
Of course, bring it. Answer any other questions you might have. 01:05:07
Why don't we? Why don't we hear from the applicant? And then John, we may have some more questions after that. 01:05:11
Mr. Wheatley, I believe. 01:05:18
Good evening, council members. My name is Benjamin Wheat. We're the party that currently has the. 01:05:30
Church under contract? 01:05:37
We've been working with the city and for a rezone of this application and then. 01:05:40
If this application is successful on the R110 rezone, we would be. 01:05:46
Coming back into the city for a subdivision application, so. 01:05:53
Umm. 01:05:57
Like Rob said, we are just we're asking for a zone from the P use to an R110. The R 110 is what is surrounded. 01:05:59
By all of the neighboring houses around and in that area. It follows the general use map for holiday city. 01:06:08
Um, so if I if anyone has any questions, I'm happy to answer. 01:06:16
Any questions from council? 01:06:21
OK. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 01:06:26
Yeah, I mean, in reading the staff report, I haven't pulled it up here, but it. 01:06:30
Well, I think the important things for me was what is surrounding it, which is our 110, right? 01:06:36
And the general plan comments basically say this application is consistent with the. 01:06:41
Is it the LDR, John? 01:06:46
And. 01:06:50
They're allowed. They would be allowed 10 units under under that. 01:06:51
Uh. 01:06:56
Rezone. 01:06:57
12 units under that rezone, but they're probably gonna apply for 9 or 10 or whatever it is. But they could get it would allow for 01:06:58
12 units on the two points. 01:07:03
83 acres or whatever the parcel size was. 01:07:08
Correct. If you were to calculate it at gross and then sort of assume what that road is going to look like as it goes through 01:07:11
there or they have to take out whatever the right of way needs to be? 01:07:15
Yeah, somewhere around, you know, 11 units might be the one that they land on. 01:07:20
OK. 01:07:25
And so John, I'm assuming the lot sizes will be comparable to what we're seeing on the surrounding. 01:07:27
Area yes. 01:07:32
It was the planning. I didn't. I did not. I was not able to look at my e-mail as the Planning Commission. What was the vote on 01:07:37
that? It was 60. 01:07:41
Unanimous, yeah. 01:07:45
Any other questions from? 01:07:48
Council. 01:07:50
OK. 01:07:54
With that, I'm going to open the public hearing, So public hearing is now open if you wish to address the Council on this rezone 01:07:55
application. 01:07:58
Please come up to the podium and just give us your name and address. 01:08:02
And try to keep it to 3 minutes or less if possible. Thank you. 01:08:07
Good evening. 01:08:15
This is new to me. I feel very passionate and. 01:08:17
I found it in my mailbox. Your name and address please. So sorry, Linda Waters and I'm at 4850 S Kings Row and Woodbridge 01:08:21
Condominiums. 01:08:27
I happened to get a postcard because I lived within 500 feet of the property that mentioned. 01:08:33
And I thought, what about the rest of the neighbors and? 01:08:40
I didn't get any invitation to a neighborhood gathering to discuss it. 01:08:45
I came across this and I thought well. 01:08:50
This is a neighborhood where I walk every day practically with my husband and. 01:08:52
And meet the meet and greet people all the time. 01:08:57
And. 01:09:00
I feel. 01:09:01
And. 01:09:03
Grateful that it's not a multi. 01:09:04
A family proposal? 01:09:07
And. 01:09:09
We live in a fairly high density area. 01:09:10
Just very close to to the property itself. 01:09:15
There's some. 01:09:19
Quite a few, I think there's nine different condos and. 01:09:21
Apartment units. 01:09:24
That really need. 01:09:26
Space to walk safely and. 01:09:28
And so I wrote, I don't know, last two days ago. Three days ago, I sent a letter in that was not included in the Planning 01:09:32
Commission. 01:09:36
Minutes, You know, Was it red? 01:09:41
I watched the live stream, was rather disappointed that my comments weren't heard. 01:09:43
Umm. 01:09:48
So I did submit them and I don't know if everyone on the council had a chance to read them over. 01:09:50
OK. 01:09:56
Yeah, that's helpful to know. So as you could see if you did read over that, it was, it was lengthy and passionate, but I think 01:09:57
the points were not. 01:10:02
Umm. 01:10:07
Were intended to reflect. 01:10:08
Maybe a long term approach to looking at open space? 01:10:12
And community potential for. 01:10:16
People to gather. I would hope that we would keep it as a public. 01:10:20
Property and not have it turned over to a residential. 01:10:25
There's a lot of history in the area. There's a church itself was built. 01:10:30
Understand in the 60s and by the residents who lived in the neighborhood. 01:10:35
Umm. 01:10:40
And think that there's. 01:10:42
Lots of streets in the area that aren't necessarily safe for families to be walking without. Sidewalks in the streets and. 01:10:44
While we have large county park. 01:10:53
It's not really safe there either when it comes to being hit in the head with a Frisbee as a Frisbee golf course, that's. 01:10:55
In the open space. 01:11:03
It's lovely and beautiful and. 01:11:05
Quite frankly, we moved to the area because we were very attracted to what Holiday City has done for the community. 01:11:08
In keeping it. 01:11:14
At the time of here, very low density. 01:11:16
And umm. 01:11:19
Gonna be a great grandma. 01:11:20
My husband and I were just diagnosed recently with cancer. 01:11:22
My daughter died a couple years ago. You start to look at long term and. 01:11:26
What you want to leave for your family? A legacy? 01:11:30
And I'm not. I'm not convinced that having more. 01:11:33
More homeless? 01:11:39
And more density is really what's needed. 01:11:40
If you look at the plot map and the and the vicinity you'll see, you'll see. 01:11:43
That. 01:11:48
Within about 1000 feet. Well, we're 500 feet and we live in a condominium complex, so it's it's lovely to be able to have a place 01:11:49
that we can. 01:11:53
Hopefully have either a park or have a community facility. Keep it in the public's hands instead of. 01:11:58
And stuff neighbors. 01:12:06
And. 01:12:08
It's time for a change and have more neighborhoods. 01:12:09
Thank you. Thank you. 01:12:12
Yeah, just come on up if if you're here for public comment on this. 01:12:17
Applications. 01:12:21
Thank you for the opportunity. I'm David Moore. I'm at 4875 S, 1710 E. 01:12:25
And and I have some sympathy for the previous person who I happen to be married to. 01:12:33
Good thought that that said yeah, it was, wasn't it? 01:12:41
But that said, UM. 01:12:45
When you decide a problem, answer a problem. You always have to. 01:12:48
Evaluate What are your underlying intentions? 01:12:54
Now, if the intention is simply to produce more places for people to live. 01:12:58
It sounds to me like you've. 01:13:04
Done reasonably well. 01:13:06
If the intention is to provide. 01:13:09
Property for. 01:13:12
The joy of the people who already lived there. 01:13:14
Having. 01:13:18
You know, nine more families, probably. 01:13:20
Doesn't do much. 01:13:23
First time I visited Boulder, Co, I was totally blown away by the amount of open space there. 01:13:25
I asked why that was so. 01:13:32
He said in the beginnings there was a troublemaker who loved open space. 01:13:34
And he got on the City Council. 01:13:40
And he. 01:13:44
He. 01:13:46
Force them to buy open space and to leave it open. 01:13:48
And I think in the long run, it created great value for the neighborhood. 01:13:53
We moved here because of trees. 01:13:58
And a Creek. 01:14:02
In spite of the fact that we're densely put in, you know, the Salt Lake City area. 01:14:04
But you can't drive down Highland Drive today and not realize that a huge number of people. 01:14:12
Are being jammed in and that it's profitable. 01:14:19
And if the only concern is to create profitable? 01:14:23
Profit and more dense people and more taxes. 01:14:27
Well, it's a. 01:14:32
Reasonable. It's a reasonable compromise. 01:14:34
I just would appeal to you. 01:14:38
If not in this one, it sounds like it's far along. 01:14:41
Way that that one considers the value of open space. 01:14:44
Well done. 01:14:49
And to to create an intention. 01:14:51
To when opportunities like this arrive. 01:14:55
Arise to. 01:14:59
To consider open space. 01:15:00
As a value to the. 01:15:03
To the. 01:15:05
To the community as a whole. 01:15:06
As opposed to purely being interested in. 01:15:09
In accumulating war taxes. 01:15:13
And more density. 01:15:16
I guess that's the end of the speech. 01:15:18
Does it boulder sometime? If you have, you'll be impressed as well. 01:15:23
That somebody thought of doing something other than creating the greatest number of people in the smallest amount of space. 01:15:28
Which doesn't seem to me to be a good idea. 01:15:37
Anyway, that's thank you. 01:15:40
You. 01:15:42
My name is Jeff Mccomas. 01:15:55
I live at 1748 Fieldcrest Lane. 01:15:57
And. 01:16:03
Which is just around the corner from this. 01:16:04
We have Creekside Park, we have the Lions Club property. 01:16:07
And secret park or great places. 01:16:11
Close by to walk. 01:16:14
And enjoy open space. 01:16:16
I think. 01:16:18
That the purpose of developing this in 10,000 square foot lots, which is commensurate with the entire area. 01:16:20
Is going to be a plus. 01:16:28
It'll bring in. 01:16:30
New families. 01:16:32
Who? 01:16:34
Have a central area to to build a home. 01:16:35
There's. 01:16:39
A lot of going on in our neighborhood of either people buying houses, tearing those houses down and building more expensive homes. 01:16:40
It'll be an upgrade to the property. 01:16:46
And as a neighbor, I fully support it. 01:16:52
Thank you. 01:16:56
OK, I I don't see anybody else. 01:17:06
Here. 01:17:10
To comment on this, let let me just say that. 01:17:11
On the agenda we have a discussion of previous public hearings, so the Council will be discussing this openly. 01:17:15
I think in the not. 01:17:22
To distant future since we have a pretty short agenda. If you'd like to stay around for that, I will be happy to move that item 01:17:24
to. 01:17:28
The top of the list when we recess to a work work session. 01:17:32
And you can hear the council discussion on that if you'd like. 01:17:35
And with that, if there's no nobody else to address the council, I'm going to close the public hearing. 01:17:39
I would say that I I unless. 01:17:45
Something occurs in the in the work session discussion that I'm not aware of. I would assume this will be posted for vote. 01:17:49
On the October 5th City Council agenda. 01:17:55
OK. With that, the public hearing is closed. 01:17:59
And we are going to move on to item number six. 01:18:03
Um. 01:18:07
So my understanding on this one is that this was just the issue we dealt with at the last Council meeting and and. 01:18:10
We. We. 01:18:16
We need to add it to a couple other spots in city code, correct? 01:18:17
Right. Yeah. This is something that is a needful amendment that had some other sections of code. 01:18:22
That. 01:18:28
Essentially that aren't this chapter 13 which is the Our Your Land Use and development chapters. 01:18:29
Umm. 01:18:36
Those are the sections that were considered previous. 01:18:37
These this title 15 and 17 have to still have to do with bonding. 01:18:40
But there are other sections of the code. 01:18:44
That need to be amended. 01:18:46
So it's just informing other sections of the code to what we discussed last time, yeah? 01:18:50
There are other references to private bond processes that have really have not much to do with. 01:18:54
The development of land, but rather. 01:19:00
Stormwater retention processes. 01:19:02
Uh, what else? Just the the essential. 01:19:06
Collection of. 01:19:10
Development bonds. 01:19:11
OK. Any other questions from council? 01:19:17
Happy to take a motion if not. 01:19:20
Mr. Mayor of Approval of Ordinance 2023-11, Amending Title. 01:19:22
The type of listed in the agenda relating to removal of bonds for private approval is not essential for public safety. 01:19:27
I second. 01:19:33
OK, we have a motion in a second. 01:19:35
Council member Durham, Yes Council Member Fotheringham. Yes Council member Quinn. 01:19:38
Council Member Gibbon and chair vote just that ordinance is approved. Thank you, Council. 01:19:43
This is the item number seven is the advice and consent of. 01:19:48
The addition of four new members to our Arts Council, as discussed in the previous. 01:19:53
Work session if there are no CMF the pull that up. 01:19:57
Thought there were 544. 01:20:05
That's right. Yeah. 01:20:10
OK. 01:20:12
So you guys can see them posted up there. I'm gonna have to turn on my monitor, but any questions or comments prior to taking a 01:20:14
motion on the resolution? Just if I could, I just want to just so grateful to these people standing up for at this point I'm 01:20:19
confident they'll give great service. 01:20:24
Delighted to meet some of them for the first time, but they seem very excited to serve. 01:20:31
And getting my experience in the Arts Council and. 01:20:35
Delighted to have this view. 01:20:38
Fresh blood, as it were, on that Earth Council, and they're going to continue having a great time. 01:20:41
On there, it's council. 01:20:46
There's nothing else to make it. I'll go ahead and make a motion, Mr. Mayor, with approval of resolution 2023-26. 01:20:50
Granting advice and can't consent of the City Council for the appointment of these four members listed to the Holiday Arts 01:20:58
Council. 01:21:01
I second the motion. Have a motion, a second from Councilmember Quinn. Councilmember Durham, yes, Council Member Fotheringham yes. 01:21:05
Councilmember Quinn, Councilmember Gibbons, yes and chair votes yes. And we welcome those new members to our Arts Council. 01:21:13
Thank you, Council. 01:21:21
Item number 8 is consideration of resolution 2023. That's 27. This is basically counseling. 01:21:22
The elections in district. 01:21:29
Five and I believe District 2. 01:21:31
We only have one UH with the with the recent withdrawal of. 01:21:35
One of the candidates in District 5 that leaves one in that district. 01:21:40
Emily Gray, who's in the in the back with us tonight. Thanks for coming. 01:21:45
Umm. 01:21:49
And I think it was recently the legislation just this year was passed that basically gave councils the authority. 01:21:50
To. 01:21:56
Cancel elections. If there was only one candidate. There's a, you know, for people out there, there's a there's a real significant 01:21:59
cost to that and we had a lot of residents complain that. 01:22:03
We're spending all this money to send out a ballot with one person on it. 01:22:07
So anyway, this resolution is to count is to essentially cancel the the need to send a ballot out in in Districts 2 and five. 01:22:11
Mr. Mayor, I'll move adoption of resolution 2023-27, canceling the 2023. 01:22:19
You just pull elections for City Council members and districts to apply. Second, we have a motion and a second council member 01:22:26
Durham, yes. Council Member Fotheringham, yes. Council Member Quinn, Yes. Council Member Gibbons, yes, and chair Boat Chest 01:22:31
Resolution 2023 Dash 27 is approved. 01:22:37
Thank you, Council. 01:22:43
Mayor, should there be balloons come down from the city? 01:22:44
I'm pretty sure the legislature didn't say anything about that. OK. Seems kind of anticlimactic in a sense, but. 01:22:49
It is what it is. 01:22:57
All right, consent agenda. 01:22:59
So these are the minutes from August 17th. 01:23:03
Mr. Mayor I. 01:23:08
I. 01:23:10
Mouse, I move that we approve the minutes of August 17th, 2023. 01:23:11
2nd. 01:23:17
Motion and a second all in favor. Say aye, aye. Any opposed. 01:23:18
Minutes are approved. Thank you Council, and we are on the city manager report. Nothing for me this evening. 01:23:24
OK. Thank you, Council Member Durham. 01:23:31
I just wanted to mention two things about the. 01:23:33
Happy healthy holiday coalition. 01:23:36
We met this week and there were two really great developments. One, we heard some. 01:23:38
Really interesting data from the Granite School District about some of the. 01:23:45
Held public health markers in our public schools here in holiday. 01:23:50
And this data that we're going to be digging into a little bit more and using to develop some initiatives for happy healthy 01:23:53
holiday coalition. 01:23:57
And the other great development is we have an intern. 01:24:02
Was a very impressive woman getting her PhD in public health, and she's going to be helping us develop a strategic plan for the 01:24:05
coalition. 01:24:09
And so I can't remember her name. Hollywood. 01:24:14
Megan Bartley. That's right. So we're looking forward to working with Megan and having a. 01:24:16
A strategic plan for some of our public health initiatives here in the city. That's all. Thank you. 01:24:22
Yeah, it's been mentioned earlier going to have to have the the awards, but just reiterate that we've got the big. 01:24:29
Public art installation happening on Tuesday at 10:00. 01:24:38
On the Plaza and then following that on October 7th at the Saturday is when we have the official ribbon cutting ceremony 01:24:42
celebration of the installation of the new great piece of public art that I'm really excited to. 01:24:49
Share with the City of Holiday, along with the Arts Council. Lots of things going on in the Arts Council. We don't need to 01:24:56
reiterate those. We've been talking about it all day today, but. 01:25:00
Those are two big things. Did the actual installation installation on Tuesday 10 in the morning. 01:25:05
And then the party about it. 01:25:10
On Saturday, October 7th, folks will be there. 01:25:12
Thank you, Paul. 01:25:16
With. 01:25:18
Um, Community Renewable Energy Agency. We thought we would have the utility agreement to bring to you. That's laughing at me. 01:25:19
With our with you. Yes, we're still waiting for. 01:25:28
For Rocky Mountain power to. 01:25:32
Give it back to us and hopefully they won't have made too many big changes. 01:25:36
So we're still waiting. Hopefully, maybe in October. We'll keep our fingers crossed. 01:25:40
The other thing I was at great Harvest the other day and saw the little sign in their window. 01:25:46
Trying to get money for lighting the skate park. 01:25:55
And there's a little QR code that you could. 01:25:58
You know. 01:26:01
Take a picture of it with your camera and then it takes your right to Venmo and. 01:26:02
It actually works, so hopefully we will get the money that we need to. 01:26:06
Select the skate park before too long. So that was kind of fun to be part of that process and that's all. 01:26:12
Just just one item had conversations with. 01:26:19
Gina and and Todd. Earlier we received correspondence from residents up in Canyon Cove about. 01:26:24
Whole fleet of dump trucks which are traversing. 01:26:33
Gun Club Road. And that, of course, is a concern for the residents up there. 01:26:36
I I raised the. 01:26:44
Question of whether. 01:26:46
Obviously there are other things we can do traffic mitigation, speed bumps, whatever. But I I I raised the question, really a 01:26:48
legal question, as to whether the city could do something similar to what we did. 01:26:54
2324 years ago with the Cottonwood Mall property where we. 01:27:01
We vacated a strip of land on the West side of the residential St. Memory lane, for example. 01:27:06
And then and then conveyed it away, which would prevent any any legal access to this the public St. 01:27:12
From the mall property, at least on the east residential side. 01:27:22
Um, and I would be. I would be in favor of authorizing Todd to do some research to. 01:27:25
See if that could be an option. 01:27:32
Especially since there would be, you know, there be sort of developments unknown going in there over the next decade or so and 01:27:35
that way we would be. 01:27:39
In control of what at what access we could or could not allow, and obviously there could be some historical access easements that 01:27:43
are not recorded. 01:27:48
For historic uses, but I just think it would be It would be well if if Todd could. 01:27:53
Just take a look at that and. 01:27:58
Advise us if there's anything legally we could do other than other than our our interaction with the gravel pit owners with 01:28:00
Cottonwood Heights City. 01:28:05
Or traffic mitigation, I just think it would be. 01:28:10
It would be nice to know if there's something legally we could do to kind of just. 01:28:12
Put the finger in the **** right now, legally. So anyway, that's all I've got, and particularly since that's. 01:28:16
The border of the city. That's the border of the city now. 01:28:22
Exactly, and anyway, I just think it would be worth looking at looking at in any event. 01:28:25
OK. 01:28:33
Can you do that cut? 01:28:34
OK support alright. 01:28:37
Um. 01:28:40
Gosh, I don't have a whole lot that everybody else hasn't covered it other than I I should probably mention that Gina and Holly 01:28:41
Kane. 01:28:45
And addressed the TRC board presented to the TRC board. 01:28:49
On our application for skate park lighting and also. 01:28:54
To put. 01:28:58
New. 01:29:00
Pillars up. 01:29:01
Replace our fiberglass pillars, which if you've been out there, you can see. 01:29:03
They've been broken with with the stone that's basically on the benches as well. 01:29:06
And. 01:29:11
So that's moving through the process, but I thought I I thought it went very well and I'm optimistic that that hopefully we'll 01:29:13
keep our fingers crossed and get receive that award and then with the private donations that we've already received, it's a pretty 01:29:18
significant, I think we're up around. 01:29:24
29,000 or so. 01:29:29
28. 01:29:32
We'll be able to. 01:29:34
Gets that done after the first of the year, we'll we'll see how it goes. 01:29:35
Umm. 01:29:40
Gosh, I think that's all I have. And if that's the case, I'd be happy to take a motion to recess to work meeting. Mr. Mayor, I 01:29:42
move we recess City Council and we convene the work meeting second. OK, we have a motion to second. All in favor, say aye. 01:29:49
OK, we are in a work session. We are going, we're going to move across the hall. 01:29:57
How, how would you? 01:30:03
Is there a preference? Would it be easier to stay here, John? It would be Let's do it OK without objection. 01:30:05
From the Council. 01:30:12
I would like to move that discussion on the previous public hearing to the top of the list out of courtesy to those that are here 01:30:15
to listen to that discussion, if that's OK. 01:30:19
No objection. All right. So I'll be happy to open it up or if somebody wants to start on it, I'll go ahead and start. 01:30:24
District yeah I'm I'm generally supportive I'm I'm I'm. 01:30:32
I'm sympathetic to the concerns that were discussed in the public hearing. Part I I do want to make one clarification of those 01:30:39
clarifications. 01:30:42
That that despite the fact that it's P zone now, it doesn't mean that it's publicly owned, it is private property. 01:30:46
Owned by the church, not by the city. 01:30:53
And so for the city to. 01:30:56
Acquired as green space. 01:30:59
Real estate and holidays, you probably know. It's pretty expensive. 01:31:02
And so it'd be 1,000,000 bucks an acre just to acquire and then you had improvements. 01:31:06
And I think the primary reason I'm hesitant to to to. 01:31:10
Pony up A purchase of this property is that we've we're right at the front end of also. 01:31:16
Needing resources to improve. 01:31:23
Another. 01:31:26
Huge. 01:31:27
Piece of green space in the form of Spring Lane Elementary. 01:31:28
Unfortunately, we don't have to purchase that space, although we're not going to be owning it. 01:31:33
We do have an opportunity for a very long term lease and to use our resources to improve that property so that it doesn't fall 01:31:38
into goose habitat now that the school is closed. 01:31:44
And is not going to be maintained by its owner. That will fall upon us. 01:31:50
And so we'll be, we'll be acquiring the opportunity to develop. 01:31:56
Or improve? 01:32:01
Uh. 01:32:02
Is that about 12 acres? Yeah, What was that acreage? MSPs, 12 acres of green space. 01:32:03
Where Spring Rain Elementary currently is, and that's really where I'd like to preserve our resources for green space management 01:32:09
as opposed to acquiring expensive property for small pocket parks. I'm also grateful that the applicant. 01:32:16
It is that the application is only for R110 where sometimes we've seen. 01:32:24
These types of developments or applications come in where they really want to go much higher density and particularly given that 01:32:30
not too far away is RM. The fact that this is just being applied for 110 I think is one of those. 01:32:38
Moments that. 01:32:46
I'll I'll be supporting this application. 01:32:49
I'll make comment to Mayor I. 01:32:53
So, so the P designations are great placeholders for us and and it's similar to what the. 01:32:56
The resident said about Boulder City. Is that early on we we put all of these P. 01:33:02
Zones in place, but as Paul said, we don't own the land. 01:33:08
And and so the decision to whether to put a park in, for example, is is, is. 01:33:12
Financial. 01:33:18
Neighborhood and and proximity to other resources. Creekside Park courses just. 01:33:20
Were almost a Major League Baseball throw, or at least a hit. 01:33:25
Just up to the north and I just think with with that huge part, just so close. 01:33:30
And really, this is sort of a. 01:33:36
It's not a really accessible sort of area. I mean, it would definitely benefit the immediate neighbors, but if we were we were to 01:33:39
purchase this land, we'd be in a 2 to $3,000,000 just for the land, another million or two for. 01:33:45
Improvements I just I. 01:33:52
As a steward of public funds, it's just hard to imagine. 01:33:53
Allocating. 01:33:57
Three 3 + 1,000,003 to $4 million to put in a park that. 01:33:59
Is is almost redundant, Creekside, so close, And anyway so I'm and I I'm also thrilled that it's an R110 application rather than 01:34:04
a. 01:34:08
High density applications. So I think I'm generally in favor of the application. 01:34:13
Yeah, it's. It's. 01:34:17
It's hard to argue the app the merits of the application based on. 01:34:20
What surrounds it and its position in the General Plan? The General Plan language surrounding what the city says they desire in 01:34:27
that location, but. 01:34:31
I I think you guys have stated it very well. We were aware that this property came on the market. 01:34:37
And we had a discussion about it. 01:34:44
And as council member Get Given said that this discussion really surrounded. 01:34:46
The fact that Creekside Park is there but Big Cottonwood Regional Park is a is, I think. 01:34:52
Maybe 200. I want to say 280 acres. 01:34:58
And fish. 01:35:01
And on a very on a very high priority. 01:35:03
For funding from Salt Lake County that owns that property. 01:35:08
So I expect that the city is going to be very involved in what amenities go into the improvement of Big Cottonwood Regional Park. 01:35:11
Which is in very close proximity to this particular parcel, but I think. 01:35:19
And I, and I say this because I want to be sensitive to your comments about the importance of preserving open space, because I 01:35:24
think our Council. 01:35:28
Shares that desire too. But we also have limited funds we have to work with and when the Spring Lane issue came onto the radar and 01:35:32
we started talking with Granite School District, our number one priority was. 01:35:38
Making sure we could work with Granite School District to preserve that 12 1/2 acres. 01:35:44
Which also will involve a significant. 01:35:49
Investment. 01:35:53
To first of all improve that will involve the community if if we can get this lease done look and I keep looking at Todd like. 01:35:54
Ready for spotting but if we can get this, please put together this agreement put together with credit school district and we're 01:36:03
confident we can. 01:36:07
We all anticipate this significant investment to improve that into the and amenitized it to the desires of the residents of 01:36:11
holiday, but also. 01:36:16
Have to be sensitive to the fact that there's going to be an ongoing investment to maintain that site long term and that's really. 01:36:22
What happened was we ended up pushing our priority to that, but part of it ended up being too It's the fact that you got to. 01:36:29
Purchased property. You got to purchase it as well before you amenitized it in this particular case. So really became about. 01:36:37
How much resource we have available to us to preserve open space and. 01:36:45
And the proximity of Spring Lane. 01:36:49
You know, the amount of residents that's going to serve as opposed to maybe a smaller pocket park really ended up. 01:36:53
Kind of. 01:36:58
Prioritizing spring lane over that one. So that's part of it, but so there's that piece, but there's also the. 01:36:59
Specific application which I'm going to have a hard time not supporting. 01:37:06
So, yeah, I I will be in favor of this as well I think. 01:37:10
Yeah, I think it would be a totally different question if it was public property there or public property we had access to. I 01:37:13
think it's hard. 01:37:17
To make a decision about somebody else's property and. 01:37:22
So I'm. 01:37:27
Recognizing the importance of the open space and the opportunities we have at spring land, I'm I'm inclined to support it as well. 01:37:28
Yeah, I agree with everything that's been said. I want to add as well. 01:37:36
I live close to the Olympus Hills Park. 01:37:40
And, as the mayor has said, many of the parks. 01:37:43
You know, even within the holiday boundaries are on, not by the city, but by Salt Lake County. 01:37:47
And people will come to me and say, well, can't they do this and this and this in Olympic Hills Park? And I say, well, no, because 01:37:54
we don't own it. 01:37:58
But. 01:38:02
We have a huge opportunity. 01:38:04
With the spring lane property. 01:38:06
Because this is a property, we will own the land, but we don't have to pay for it either. 01:38:09
But the advantage is we will have control over exactly what happens. 01:38:13
And spring way. And I've already got a list of people saying, well, you gotta put this and this and this in it. This is something 01:38:19
that the city will be able to plan. 01:38:24
The residents will be able to have a direct impact and then the residents are the ones that will be using. 01:38:29
That spring rain park whatever we end up calling it, but. 01:38:36
I agree that we really need to focus. 01:38:41
Not only our efforts, but our money, because this will be our park like Canuteson. 01:38:44
We planned it. 01:38:50
Our residents love it and again we will be able to plan it and have. 01:38:52
Complete control over it. 01:38:56
As opposed to the parks inner boundaries that. 01:38:58
That the county aren't in control. 01:39:02
OK. 01:39:06
And any other comments or input? 01:39:08
John, anything you want to add? I really can't add anything to that, no. I mean one of the main guiding principles that we have 01:39:10
when we look at RAZONES is what your general plan wants to see for and what it foresees in the future. 01:39:17
And there there are. 01:39:23
More dense. 01:39:26
There's two more dense zones that could be have been considered in R18. 01:39:27
Specifically which are 8000 square foot foot lots rather than 10,000. 01:39:32
The applicants elected to rezone to 10, which is. 01:39:37
Much more congruent, which is what the neighborhood is. 01:39:41
OK. 01:39:46
Well, thank you everybody. I appreciate it. Thanks to staff for the report. 01:39:48
And we'll move on to the next item. Thank you for showing up and part of your comment. We appreciate it. 01:39:53
And and and I'll just state again when we fully anticipate this will be on for a vote October 5th. 01:39:58
Thank you. 01:40:04
OK. 01:40:06
So now we'll go to Village Center Decorations Tina. 01:40:08
Yes, thank you. So in your. 01:40:12
Thank you very much for telling me the rational face. 01:40:16
And I thought it was very comfortable for you. 01:40:21
Thank you. 01:40:24
Appreciate it. 01:40:25
So in your packet there is a couple of slides addressing. 01:40:29
What we can do for our traditional tree lighting celebration, which is the Monday after Thanksgiving. 01:40:37
The as has been mentioned already, the installation of the public art is going to, it's going to be a fantastic addition to the 01:40:47
Plaza that is going to force some changes in our tree lighting ceremony. 01:40:55
So as the staff we've identified a couple of options. One of those options is to. 01:41:04
Have the tree lighting and basically the same type of event that we have always had but with a commercial artificial tree in the 01:41:12
lawn area on the Plaza. 01:41:19
And you can see an illustration of that at the bottom of that slide. 01:41:27
And those run anywhere from 1000 to $2000. One thing to note is that we think we can fund all of these expenses within the current 01:41:32
budget allocation and so these numbers are really provided for information. 01:41:41
Not necessarily. 01:41:50
You don't necessarily need to weigh the cost because those are either option is funded in your current budget. 01:41:53
The second option is to do a tree lighting in the village on the Plaza, but then to have a vent. 01:42:03
Behind City Hall in the gazebo. 01:42:13
Area. 01:42:18
And so we would have, we could have a mini parade where. 01:42:19
Santa would arrive in the Plaza and then would kind of follow him over to the gazebo area and then have some photo opportunities 01:42:24
and then hot chocolate and cookies. 01:42:31
Behind City Hall. 01:42:39
Um, there's some options for a Triarch? 01:42:40
And that sort of thing and we're hoping that in either option we can really engage our our business community. 01:42:45
To both participate and then potentially to offset costs. 01:42:53
So I am looking for feedback from the council about your thoughts on these options. 01:42:58
If you hate commercial artificial trees, please let me know. 01:43:05
Ohh. 01:43:10
And if you have a location preference. 01:43:12
Can we keep the tree from 30 years or some place to store it? There would be yes that that would be our intention is to store it 01:43:15
and use it. 01:43:18
I don't like my gut is to keep it. 01:43:24
Where it is as opposed to trying to bifurcate. 01:43:28
And unless there are two different events from talking about the same day. 01:43:31
I don't. I don't see citizens necessarily wanting to start at the village and then. 01:43:35
Perfect. Over to the gazebo. 01:43:41
In the same event, particularly in the winter, particularly if it's snowing or if it's cold or even as late as wind. 01:43:44
Um. 01:43:51
I kind of like the the the concept of having that event. 01:43:53
At the village. 01:43:57
And leaving it there, I've got no problem with that. 01:43:59
Whenever tree arrangements you want to make given the new. 01:44:01
Public art situation and just the. 01:44:05
Reusability of tree I mean. 01:44:09
I think there's certain folks that say quick cutting down the trees, including the tree committee. 01:44:13
Really not cutting down live trees anymore. Purposes. 01:44:18
I can't speak to the tree committee. I'm not going to do it. 01:44:22
OK. 01:44:25
I kind of feel the same way about keeping it in the village. 01:44:30
The one, my one reaction to the proposal. 01:44:33
Is there's a lot going on? 01:44:36
And with with the heart being the new art piece being there and the tree, I'm not sure how much more we need. But that's just my 01:44:38
personal I think that's good feedback and we could we could simplify and then maybe add on potentially in future years. 01:44:47
It's So where do you know where it is? 01:44:57
It. 01:45:01
Would it be possible to If it's going to be an artificial tree, It doesn't. 01:45:02
It's going to have to be anchored somehow. Would it be possible to move it more like in the center of the Plaza where say those 01:45:07
holiday letters are showing? So we've talked about that briefly and the difficulty is that would have to. 01:45:14
Because of the size of the tree would have to anchor it through the the stone of the papers, and the direction from the council 01:45:22
previously has been not to drill into those pavers. 01:45:29
Which I think is good right now. 01:45:38
So we didn't budget. 01:45:43
We didn't budget any money to light like light the streets or you did. You included $50,000 in the budget in hopes of securing 01:45:46
some funding to light the trees. And I think we're we're still in the process of determining whether we can do that or not. So 01:45:53
that would be. 01:45:59
Separate issues. That's right. They're two separate issues. Yeah, I wish we could. 01:46:07
Well, I I agree with him. I'm not opposed to an artificial tree. I I don't. It's not going to be like 5 feet tall, is it? Or. 01:46:11
It'll be back, OK. I'm not opposed to that either. It's because that's always we've always got reached out to have people donate 01:46:19
that. 01:46:23
And that's always been a challenge itself, right? 01:46:27
But I I do think I am kind of curious about. 01:46:32
How? 01:46:35
Do we need to think about how that's going to look with our big new art piece and then right next to it at Christmas Tree? Is it 01:46:37
going to? 01:46:40
I mean we could do a mock up. 01:46:46
I see what you're saying and I don't know. 01:46:52
We could do a mockup once we have the public art in place and see what we think of it at that point, and then decide where we want 01:46:58
to locate the tree. 01:47:03
But I do think anchoring it on the papers could be a challenge. 01:47:09
You see what I I think I'm thinking the same way you are mapping. It's gonna look almost like an afterthought with this big. 01:47:14
Art piece and then a Christmas tree right next to it. Because. 01:47:21
We want our Christmas tree lighting, but but I also I 100% agree with Paul that. 01:47:25
I don't know, but I'm not interested in moving up here. 01:47:31
I want to activate the Plaza, so whatever we do, I want it to be. 01:47:34
Where the businesses are. 01:47:38
Yeah. 01:47:40
So. 01:47:42
Yeah, let's let's eyeball it once the art pieces up and then try to get a sense of. 01:47:43
If it's creating a tremendous imbalance or if it would be a cool light sourced cast, cool shadows through the art piece. 01:47:49
You never know. 01:47:57
OK. I think that's great direction. We'll have be able to take those pictures on Tuesday afternoon and then can that can do a 01:48:01
little photoshopping like we have here. 01:48:07
And see what we think. 01:48:13
OK. Thank you. 01:48:17
Did you get what you needed, Gina? You good? OK, alright. So what I hear from the council is we want to stay the event, to stay on 01:48:20
the Plaza and we are OK with the commercial tree in terms of placement. We're going to look at it once we have the public art in 01:48:27
place and kind of decide on. 01:48:34
On placement. 01:48:41
If we think it's going to look odd on the lawn area. 01:48:43
I'll let you know at the next council meeting and we'll talk about how we feel about the papers and whether there might be other 01:48:48
solutions. Yeah, I mean, once we get it up, it might be worth just walking over there with whoever is appropriate and kind of 01:48:53
looking at it and saying, OK. 01:48:58
But yeah, generally I think. 01:49:04
All the. 01:49:06
You know. 01:49:07
Was there something in here on music too? I know they were talking about. 01:49:09
The idea of maybe having some music on the Plaza during the winter months that you could just pipe in, I don't know if that's part 01:49:13
of it. 01:49:17
I don't think that is part of this budget. It's something we could explore, but I don't think we we have to this point. 01:49:21
OK. 01:49:30
Alives and Rudolph the Red Nose reindeer. 01:49:33
Is that what you thinking? 01:49:36
You're probably only two people know, girl. 01:49:39
All right. 01:49:45
Umm. 01:49:47
Where were we? 01:49:48
Uh HP Sign on HTC Sign amendments? 01:49:50
I said some. 01:49:58
Some of us struggling a little bit with this in terms of. 01:50:02
I mean, I've talked a little bit. 01:50:08
On the side with with and I don't think generally. Correct me if I'm wrong, I don't think. 01:50:11
Generally, we kind of agree that it's silly that a gas station in the village village shouldn't be able to. 01:50:15
Illuminate prices on the side, we get that. 01:50:22
And. 01:50:26
There's been language created inside the village zone. 01:50:27
To kind of. 01:50:31
Really restricted to that. 01:50:34
But there's a couple of us that have some. 01:50:36
Reservations about what this is going to open up and what happens when. 01:50:40
Olympus Junior High School or what happens when a business comes in and says well? 01:50:45
Wait a second. I'm paying for taxes? 01:50:50
Into the city's coffers helps support the city. 01:50:54
And. 01:50:57
This this person can do it, but I can't do it. 01:50:59
Umm. 01:51:02
And it's just getting a comfort level that it's narrow enough that we'll be able to defend. That I guess is my. 01:51:04
Kind of concern. 01:51:10
Mayor and I don't have an answer to that, but I just am kind of like, you know, a couple of questions to John might help me sort 01:51:12
through this. I'm one who's very resistant about it. 01:51:17
But I guess, I guess I have two questions, maybe Jonathan answered. And first of all. 01:51:23
As I as am I reading this correctly that it's only in the Holiday Village center? 01:51:28
The holiday Holiday madness? Well, it's the. 01:51:35
Is this apply to all zones or just to holiday village center? This is carved out just for the village center, village center and 01:51:39
then. 01:51:43
And then I guess the other question would be, are these type of signs allowed outside that zone? 01:51:47
They are because they're an internal type illumination. Yes, they are. 01:51:53
You know, and I do. You know, in fairness, I do note that you know this. 01:51:58
I don't think until tonight I really even thought of where this. 01:52:04
This location is and it's actually in a very South end of of the village zone, right? I mean, it's like. 01:52:08
It's across from Kentucky Ave. In fact, it's South of Kentucky Ave. I think maybe. Anyway, straight across from the food, from the 01:52:14
food trucks. 01:52:18
I don't know. I I'm kind of on the fence on that. I'm sort of leaning against it, but. 01:52:23
And my my Lincoln Stars. I mean on space. It seems easy peasy. A no brainer, but. 01:52:28
It's the camel nose problem. 01:52:34
And. 01:52:38
And whether or not we really can. 01:52:39
Restrict this to what our intention is would be just in the village. 01:52:43
And just this type of signage. 01:52:48
But we've. 01:52:51
Whenever we wrestle with the legislature, we lose. 01:52:53
And and the last time you correctly, God I'm wrong the last time. 01:52:57
We we had. 01:53:02
Had to consider. 01:53:03
Electronic signage was the legislation that said if you have any electronic signage in your city. 01:53:05
Then you've got to allow the big billboard companies to convert their. 01:53:12
Big. 01:53:16
Old school billboards to electronic style. 01:53:17
And that's if you allow them at all. And right now we don't. 01:53:21
And so, as narrowly as this was written. 01:53:24
Does this. 01:53:28
Put a crack in our defenses. 01:53:29
Against what we really want to restrict. 01:53:31
Because I, you know, in the face I really have no objection this particular application. 01:53:34
Or to even the schools having the ability to use their sign. But the reason we don't let the schools. 01:53:39
Use theirs in the way they were designed, in the way they want to. 01:53:46
Is because of the other larger problem. 01:53:49
In how it it opens the door to. 01:53:52
You know the the larger problem that we've been trying to keep out, is that a fair analysis done? 01:53:55
Yeah, it is. I want. I want to make sure we make a couple of distinctions clear. 01:54:01
So your ability legally. 01:54:06
To approve this particular amendment. 01:54:09
And then legally to say no? 01:54:13
To a similar request outside the village, I think as a matter of your legislative discretion, I think it would be reviewed giving 01:54:16
the most deference to the city you will get on any decision you make. I believe it could be supported legally. 01:54:22
The issues I have I think. 01:54:29
That you need to think about are the practical ones one. 01:54:31
It will be politically much more difficult. 01:54:35
To say no to a similar request that comes outside the village if you do this. 01:54:38
The justification that you can make legally don't necessarily hold up practically. 01:54:43
And that's just a simple fact that I think you deserve to have some counsel about. It will be more difficult to say no one another 01:54:47
zone in the future. 01:54:51
Not legally, but practically. Second, I I'm uncomfortable kind of trying to lay odds on whether or not that legislative proposal 01:54:55
will come back again. 01:55:01
But if it comes back in a similar form. 01:55:06
Even as tightly drawn as this language is. 01:55:10
It would allow the conversion of the billboards. 01:55:14
If if the if the language were identical to the 2021 bill. 01:55:17
It would allow the conversion of billboards in the city to digital. 01:55:23
So those are practical considerations to think about. I don't, I don't know that that proposal is going to come back at the state 01:55:27
level. 01:55:30
I just don't know. 01:55:35
There's a part of me that's a little skeptical that it will. 01:55:37
Umm. 01:55:40
But if it did. 01:55:41
And Reagan outdoors isn't going anywhere. 01:55:43
Ohh no. 01:55:46
They're not. 01:55:47
No, I I think. 01:55:48
I'm not as worried about that as I am your second concern, which is. 01:55:51
What? What happens if Olympus Junior High comes in and says, well, we've got a freestanding sign, it's in a black box. 01:55:56
How about if we agree that we're just going to put a message up there? It's not scrolling? 01:56:03
And we don't need to have it scroll, but we would like to. 01:56:09
Have the opportunity to flash a message up on there and just have it stay. The schools closed on Friday and it just stays there 01:56:12
and then we can change it when we want. 01:56:16
Not dissimilar to a gas station changing a price. 01:56:21
And then how do we say? 01:56:24
Or Cottonwood Elementary coming doing the same thing saying. 01:56:27
Well, we'll just do a We'll just do a fox like 711 has. 01:56:30
And what this degree is not going to be a scrolling sign. 01:56:33
It's just going to be a way for us instead of. 01:56:36
Putting a letter up, we can just get in our computer and say here's our message for the day and it doesn't scroll and it doesn't 01:56:40
flash and. 01:56:43
Well, or a sandwich shop. Or in the village, even. Maybe saying, hey, we want to put the our our specials of the day or something 01:56:47
up, yeah. 01:56:51
I mean it's just, I mean we all know what the product is on the sign, right. It's just. 01:56:56
It's connecting the price and the product, another gas station and so why wouldn't another store be able to do that, right, Right, 01:57:01
so. 01:57:04
I'm not worried as much about it opening a can of worms with the state legislature, because if they want to open a can, they can 01:57:09
open a can. I'm more. 01:57:12
Worried about how we're like you, said Todd. 01:57:17
Not practically. How do we defend? 01:57:20
A fairness issue? Really. Yeah. Are we over exaggerating this do you think Or? 01:57:24
And the overthinking it if is it so narrow and silly, it's like it's 1 gas station. It's just, I mean. 01:57:30
Or. 01:57:37
Well, so. 01:57:38
You're entitled to receive some advice from me outside. 01:57:42
The public meeting setting if you wish to. 01:57:46
And some of this might be appropriate for that. 01:57:49
What I will tell you generally is, I think, some of your concerns about what might happen in the village. 01:57:52
With a different kind of business. 01:57:59
Outside of the strict confines of this particular amendment, are legally valid in my opinion. 01:58:01
You know, sign regulations or about are sort of. 01:58:07
Evaluated. 01:58:11
On the basis of are they content neutral? 01:58:13
And the way they're presented. 01:58:17
And I'll just tell you, not speaking holiday, but speaking every sign ordinance in the state I have ever read, there's not a 01:58:19
single one that passes muster under the federal law right now. 01:58:24
Under, you know, the signed case that was decided most recently by the United States Supreme Court out of Gilbert, AZ, every sign 01:58:30
ordinance in this state right now is invalid. 01:58:35
And so those restrictions are hard to meet legally. 01:58:41
Every sign you regulate based on kind of the content of the sign. 01:58:46
Takes you a step closer to opening up. 01:58:54
The entire ambit of science, so. 01:58:58
Right. 01:59:01
Your concerns are valid. 01:59:02
In that respect. 01:59:04
Or in other words, in other words, the nature of this ordinance is we're saying hey, if it's if the content is gas prices. 01:59:06
It's OK and and. 01:59:13
Yeah, that's maybe the concern here too. Are we treating? 01:59:15
The gas station inside the village differently from the gas stations outside of the village. You weren't right now, but there's 01:59:19
some pre-existing entitlements that. 01:59:23
You know, with some signs that happened before you incorporated or before you adopted the current ordinance you have. 01:59:28
Where they have signs similar to this, but they aren't permitted under your ordinance, they're they're legally nonconforming under 01:59:33
a prior regulation, so. 01:59:38
Do they have different sets of rights based on the location and the timing of the business? You know, the age and all those 01:59:44
things? Yes. 01:59:47
Would it be fair to say your ordinance currently is treating them differently and fairly? I don't think so. I think that 01:59:52
characterization wouldn't be accurate. 01:59:56
But they they do have a different set of. 02:00:01
Entitlements based on previously existing standards or law. 02:00:05
Thank you. 02:00:10
Can you remind me the current sign? 02:00:13
Is it internally illuminated? 02:00:17
I think originally it was. I'm not sure if they. 02:00:20
Kept it up to turn those lights on on the inside. 02:00:23
But I guarantee it was designed to be that way. 02:00:27
I mean, like, my my fear is that and maybe we're just. 02:00:32
Going in circles here but. 02:00:36
My real fear is that if we do this for 7/11. 02:00:39
And other businesses start to come to us and say, well, gosh, we'll we'll. 02:00:43
We'll agree to do a sign like 7-11. We get why, why you guys are doing this. All we want to do is what they're doing. 02:00:48
My sense is the council is going to have a real problem with that and come back and say, you know what, we're gonna. 02:00:55
Change it back again. I don't think you're going to want. 02:01:00
Signs like that at Harmons and signs like that. 02:01:03
And and again, maybe I'm overthinking that, that's not going to happen, but it worries me a little bit that. 02:01:07
Somebody's gonna come in and say, well, we'll just agree to do a sign like they're doing. It won't be gas prices, it'll just be a 02:01:13
sandwich price for the. 02:01:16
And how do you say no? Yeah. 02:01:21
So anyway. 02:01:25
Alright. 02:01:31
Well, look, I I I asked Stephanie to. 02:01:32
Move this off the agenda because I sense there was some. 02:01:36
Some of us were wrestling with this. 02:01:42
I think ties generally in favor with it. He's not worried about it, but I didn't want to vote it without a full council here 02:01:44
because I didn't sense that there was going to be. 02:01:48
Unanimity in the vote and I thought it deserved a full vote so. 02:01:53
Anyway. 02:01:57
I'm still leaning against. 02:01:59
After this discussion SO. 02:02:01
OK. 02:02:05
Anything else? 02:02:06
Staff available if you need them. 02:02:08
I have nothing else to add. 02:02:11
You have nothing to say. 02:02:13
And I'd like to get a more warm and fuzzy, but I'm just not getting it, yeah. 02:02:15
Yeah. I mean, I yeah, I. 02:02:20
You know, we have tried to write this as as tightly as possible, yeah? 02:02:22
Focusing on one specific use. 02:02:27
And even considering the aesthetics of that use, given what the council is interested in keeping the village center in the village 02:02:29
center. 02:02:33
Esthetically but. 02:02:38
You're absolutely correct in your assumptions, even though we have a definition here that that says. 02:02:39
New numerical letters are fine. Non scoring letters work for gas price sign. 02:02:46
Legally, as your council has told you, we can't control content. 02:02:52
So a similar type of sign that shows prices of food, retail commodity is exactly the same thing. Yeah, well, what's the difference 02:02:58
between an A and A1? 02:03:03
If it's not scrolling. 02:03:09
And it's internally illuminated mortgage rates. 02:03:11
Yeah. 02:03:15
Payday loan rates, alright? 02:03:17
Just one last thing, I think we need to be consistent. 02:03:20
I remember a few years ago talking to an owner of a. 02:03:23
Of a business and the village who had had a temporary sign up for like a year. And I said, you know why, why don't you have, you 02:03:28
know, on your permanent sign up? He says. Well. 02:03:32
I've been fighting with Holiday City about what I can put up and I think if. 02:03:38
If we are seen to Kay. 02:03:42
For one business. 02:03:44
I think. 02:03:46
I'm just afraid that's going to generate a lot of feel well and like you say, all the other businesses are going to line up and 02:03:47
say, well, you didn't let me. 02:03:52
Do that before, but now you're letting them, so it's my turn, So yeah. 02:03:56
I think that's a definite possibility. Definite. 02:04:01
Downside of changing it? 02:04:05
OK. 02:04:08
Alright. 02:04:10
Well. 02:04:12
Moving right along. 02:04:13
The. 02:04:16
Do you want to do the City Hall update now, Gina? 02:04:18
OK. 02:04:21
Good evening everyone. 02:04:29
So we just like to kind of give you an update on where we are at in terms of. 02:04:32
What we've been doing in the last since our last meeting was really looking at what the structural engineer has provided in terms 02:04:38
of different options for seismic upgrades and then how we feel that matches with. 02:04:43
Some of the proposals for the kind of building use and building updates, as well as kind of some conceptual numbers for you to 02:04:49
consider. 02:04:52
Umm, so next slide. 02:04:57
Umm. 02:04:59
In really looking at kind of what was proposed by the structural engineer. 02:05:02
What we want you to kind of consider in terms of maybe. 02:05:07
Or we might be calling a decision tree for you guys to think about is really asking kind of yourself what? 02:05:10
A level of size of an upgrade makes the most sense because they're right now what we've outlined is there's really 3 levels that 02:05:17
they are proposing. 02:05:21
I'm. 02:05:25
Level 1 is basically life safety, right? So they're saying that we can do upgrades that. 02:05:26
Would provide the highest chance of being able to evacuate everybody from the building. 02:05:32
Umm. 02:05:37
During some type of large seismic event. 02:05:37
And that's just the only concern. 02:05:40
Level 2 would be Is that beyond life safety? 02:05:42
It's the potential for being able to rehab the building or use the building. 02:05:46
In some type of fashion after the seismic event. 02:05:50
Level 3, which is probably not a consideration, but we want to outline what it is. Level 3 is saying the building could be used 02:05:53
almost immediately after a large size of the event. 02:05:58
And so the reason why we think it's important for you to understand those levels is that basically that really drives. 02:06:03
Both costs, but also how we can think about the renovations and how they could be sequenced. 02:06:10
In level one, if you're just thinking about the kind of life safety, what the structural engineer had proposed is a series of kind 02:06:15
of. 02:06:18
Can a reattachment of the roof to the exterior walls through the through the through the exterior? 02:06:23
And then that by kind of connecting the the roof rafters to the walls, that's basically saying. 02:06:30
That's reducing the chance that if the walls fall out, the roof just collapses, right? 02:06:36
And then with that, there would be additional bracing in the roof, Joyce, particularly the wood roof joists to strengthen that. 02:06:41
The nice thing about that is that because it's what the structural engineer had talked to us about, the way that they would be 02:06:48
implementing that is that it's all completely exterior done. 02:06:53
And therefore you could either do it all at once or you could do. 02:06:58
You could do. 02:07:03
All of the renovations at once, including the seismic. 02:07:04
Or basically, you can treat the seismic as a discrete project separate from any of the interior renovations that you do. 02:07:07
Which means that you could phase all of those renovations. 02:07:13
In any type of sequence based upon financial budgets or getting funding or that type of thing, right? 02:07:17
Level 2. 02:07:24
Once we start to do what what is level 2 is? 02:07:26
Level 2 does all of Level 1 seismic upgrades, but it includes seismic upgrades to specific walls within the building. 02:07:29
Which have to be. 02:07:37
Secure rebuilt to make them kind of more secure for attachments for specifically the concrete Tees that run in this area of the 02:07:38
building. 02:07:43
By doing that that, that, that kind of. 02:07:49
Gives you less ability to do discrete projects because. 02:07:52
Once you're doing the walls then. 02:07:57
The invasiveness of the walls means you should be doing the renovations to those areas with them, right? 02:07:58
So that's why you'll see in the decision tree that we're saying either you do all of them all at once. 02:08:04
Or you could do them by level or by department. 02:08:09
And then we'll show you that kind of sequencing in a second. 02:08:12
Level 3, which is so invasive. 02:08:15
That, basically, is the you'd be rebuilding this building from the inside out. 02:08:19
So that's why we're saying most likely Level 3 is not the option that we would consider for you. 02:08:23
Next slide. 02:08:28
This basically outlines again the level of work we talked about at level one, level 2, Level 3. 02:08:30
And level 4 and and you can see the scope of work. 02:08:36
And we also provided example kind of projects that have been done or are being done locally. So you can understand the level in 02:08:40
which they're doing as you said, as I said in kind of level one, we're really doing roof reinforcing as well as some. 02:08:47
Umm. 02:08:55
Some lateral structural bracing for the trusses. Level 2 includes some very focused wall reconstruction. 02:08:56
Level 3 is entirely rebuilding all of the interior masonry walls. 02:09:05
Which again becomes extremely invasive. 02:09:10
And level 4 would be. Honestly, you should be looking at it. The only way to do a level 4 would be probably new construction. 02:09:13
Or what they're doing at the temple currently, which is. 02:09:20
Underpinning the entire thing with isolator paths, which. 02:09:24
Again. 02:09:27
Not probably what you're thinking about here. 02:09:29
Next slide. 02:09:32
So what we tried to do is also visually help you understand kind of what the the seismic kind of interventions. 02:09:35
Where they occur and what has to happen. Right so. 02:09:42
As you can see the dotted kind of. 02:09:45
The dotted lines indicate basically where they have to make the roof connections to walls. 02:09:49
Right. And that's what they said that they could do from the top down. 02:09:54
The green area is. 02:09:58
Really where we have to do some reinforcing to the wood trusses. 02:10:01
Which also can be done from the ceiling. 02:10:05
The red area are the actual kind of potential seismic walls that need to be considered basically for the concrete T. 02:10:08
The orange are the additional walls that would be requested by the structural engineer to get beyond to almost a Level 3. So as 02:10:16
you can see level 2 which we would say would include the red walls. 02:10:23
It's very confined to basically the area kind of right around where we're at. So we could contain it with some renovations to. 02:10:30
When we're doing the planning or when we're doing the basement renovations and some minor ration renovations over here? 02:10:38
The problem with going to Level 3 is, as you can see, is basically. 02:10:44
All of the interior walls would have to be rebuilt. 02:10:47
And that's why we think Level 3 is probably from a cost perspective not something. 02:10:50
That either we would recommend or the structure engineer saying would potentially recommend because of the cost. 02:10:55
Next slide. 02:11:02
So. 02:11:08
If. 02:11:09
We're considering basically. 02:11:10
A level one scenario, as we said, you can really treat these as discrete projects and we've kind of shown you the discrete areas 02:11:12
in which we're showing. 02:11:16
Kind of. 02:11:20
The work that would be done. 02:11:21
Umm. 02:11:23
We would consider basically phasing all of the work. 02:11:24
On the upper floors. 02:11:28
While using the area of the Little Conwood room and that area for kind of temporary kind of office space. 02:11:30
So that basically when planning would be redone, planning would be down there? 02:11:38
And then we could do that as one discrete project and then we could do the executive offices and with the executive offices down 02:11:42
there. 02:11:45
And then if we had to do light remodeling for here. 02:11:48
Like the council room, then you could actually use the Big Cottonwood room for temporary like council meetings, right? So we we 02:11:52
have enough space. 02:11:55
In this building of that if we do them discreetly. 02:12:00
We can constantly kind of move people around. 02:12:03
So that you can always paint scale in this building. 02:12:06
And I think that offers you a lot in terms of both being able to time this out so it doesn't have to happen. 02:12:08
Continuously. It could happen again when funding is available, but it also allows you to maintain continuity in this building 02:12:15
relative to city services. 02:12:19
Next slide. 02:12:24
The challenge with when this is like a Level 2 is that we have to be a little bit more directed in our sequencing. 02:12:27
And again, particularly because of where the red walls are falling. 02:12:34
You would then be doing those with a specific type of specific phase, right? So. 02:12:38
What we're showing here is we would phase one, the light green, which is the planning office 1st. 02:12:44
And those walls that would go all the way up? Floor, ceiling. 02:12:50
And they can move temporarily into the lower level. 02:12:53
Then we would move South to phase two, which would be the executive suites. 02:12:56
Because again, we would move those. 02:13:01
Back to. 02:13:02
Down to the lower level to use that office space, then phase three would be this area. 02:13:04
And then phase four would be eventual phase four and five is a really converting the basement office space once you're completely 02:13:10
not having to use it for temporary office for anywhere else? 02:13:14
Converting that to the future administrative offices when your need arises. So phase four and five could be pushed off. 02:13:19
But then by that time. 02:13:26
You have completed all the seismic and all the upgrades to the other parts of the building. 02:13:28
Next slide. 02:13:33
And then? 02:13:36
As you can see here, this is another way that we were thinking about phasing it and that would be as if you were just doing it by. 02:13:37
Levels where you basically renovate the entire basement first. 02:13:44
And then you would move to the upper floor and then move the. 02:13:49
Planning to one phase. 02:13:53
Administrative office, the second phase and then this final back area is with third phase. 02:13:55
And then fourth phase would be doing the. 02:13:59
The basement administrative kind of expansion, but that could be put off. 02:14:02
So it's really a little bit. 02:14:07
We were trying to think through ways in which which would be a little bit more disruptive. 02:14:10
If you were to do the whole bottom floor at least. 02:14:15
You can keep the whole floor, upper floor kind of moving almost. Um. 02:14:18
Uninterrupted in some respects. 02:14:23
Um, versus whether when we're doing it by? 02:14:26
Zone, but we're trying to do both the lower level and upper level wall. 02:14:29
We do have to do more temporary kind of. 02:14:33
Umm. 02:14:36
Partitioning to maintain safety for public accessing certain areas of the building adjacent to our construction is going. 02:14:37
I think the challenge of either phasing will always be noise and construction. 02:14:45
Because. 02:14:49
Particularly with if you choose the level 2 scenario where we're actually doing wall rebuilds. 02:14:50
You're going to have substantial amount of demolition noise as well as construction noise with the masonry. 02:14:55
The in particularly the demolition side, right? 02:15:00
Which would make it a lot harder for you to do sound isolation, regardless of whether you do it lower level or split up, right? 02:15:03
So we would be able to kind of maybe think through those things a little bit more. And we do feel like I said that you have the 02:15:11
space that we could probably figure out how to phase these things in a way where you don't have to leave the building which is 02:15:15
probably. 02:15:18
We would think a good priority to have. It's just that we would recognize that we do have to do a number of different issues come 02:15:23
up in either scenario in terms of isolation and safety. 02:15:28
Of the people actually working on site and then other things like environmental. 02:15:33
Holiness, the way the HVC system in this building. 02:15:38
Is kind of interconnected. 02:15:42
Would then require manipulation to try and isolate. 02:15:43
So you're not getting blowing dust or debris. 02:15:47
When AC is kicking on and off, right, so there's there suddenly becomes certain costs that would be involved that would be added 02:15:49
to the scope. 02:15:53
Because you're going to be able to, you're going to have partition the building as you move along. 02:15:58
Which the current electrical and HVAC system to be? 02:16:02
HVAC system isn't really set up to do. 02:16:06
That makes sense. 02:16:09
Next slide. 02:16:11
So what we wanted to do was just give you hopefully something that kind of really. 02:16:14
Outlines in quite clear terms. 02:16:18
Kind of what we were looking at in terms of guiding, kind of. 02:16:21
How you might be able to evaluate both the levels and the options and the phasing strategy. 02:16:25
So on the right, you'll see the seismic level of upgrade that we were calling out as level one or level 2. 02:16:30
And that's just the phasing, whether it's all at once. 02:16:37
Or the different types of phasing strategies that we just reviewed? 02:16:40
We wanted to talk. The next line is really the what we feel are the positive outcomes by choosing one or the other. 02:16:44
And then the next line is really the concerns with. 02:16:50
Moving in that direction. 02:16:54
We then provide a line which is. 02:16:56
The engineers preliminary cost estimate for just that type of seismic upgrade which we separated out from the architectural 02:16:58
renovation. So you can understand some. 02:17:02
Potential costs, cost impacts. 02:17:07
And then finally, if we have a concept, timeline and budget for the total project at the very end when you aggregate. 02:17:09
The seismic upgrades. 02:17:16
As well as preliminary kind of architectural estimates, right? 02:17:17
And like I said, I think what we're trying to do is give you just really big picture idea of where we think this might come in 02:17:21
line and then the timelines we're looking at. 02:17:26
And that continues on the next page. 02:17:35
So for us, when we were kind of laying this out, we kind of were thinking. 02:17:38
Our recommendation to you as a council would be to consider these steps as next step. One is really talk about what level of 02:17:43
seismic upgrade meets. 02:17:47
Earnings for for the use of this building and what you aspire for in terms of the buildings longevity. 02:17:52
From there, what we would say is we would then kind of talk about what phasing strategy might make the best sense based upon that 02:17:59
seismic upgrade level. 02:18:03
Whether we're trying to do it all at once, where we can phase it, what type of basin we can do. 02:18:08
What we would then say is when the the Council has kind of certain determinations on that, we would actually recommend that the 02:18:13
Council kind of provide funding to. 02:18:18
Higher than whether us or some other consultant to actually bring the design level up to a schematic. 02:18:23
Level, which would then have enough information that you would be engaging the engineers, the HVAC, electricians and probably even 02:18:29
whether it's a cost estimator or contractor paid to just provide preliminary costs to you so that you can have a real time data. 02:18:37
But right now the conceptual designs that we have don't have enough detail for a lot of people to maybe dig into the. 02:18:45
To get into the kind of. 02:18:53
The true nature of what might need to happen and particularly like we said from from a phasing standpoint, understanding what 02:18:55
would actually have to happen to your HVAC and electrical systems. 02:19:00
To actually make that work is something that we're not. We don't have enough details to really kind of work with, right? 02:19:06
And then for a contractor to then really provide you or a cost estimated to provide you some more accurate pricing? 02:19:11
There is not enough level of detail in both drawings or information for them to actually then give you a take off or some kind of. 02:19:17
Kind of more specific line items to go through, So that would probably be what we recommend is the next step. 02:19:23
And then again the final step is then once we have that information in drawing form with also. 02:19:30
Information from all the consultants. You can really look at the actual costs. 02:19:36
In a kind of more tight way than where we are because we're giving you what we consider quite high level. 02:19:40
Central cost. 02:19:46
And as you, kind of. 02:19:47
Narrow down what you're kind of. 02:19:48
Decision might be it would be nicer to have enough information to then develop harder costs for you to then make. 02:19:51
More kind of determinations that have moved forward with in terms of particularly timeline and sequencing. 02:19:58
So that's kind of our overview to you that we wanted to just. 02:20:04
Really bringing out today and I would, we'd love to answer any questions you have towards us about kind of this approach or or 02:20:07
things that you saw in the. 02:20:10
Presentation that you have. 02:20:15
Yeah, what do you guys want to do? 02:20:17
I mean, we we've already sort of. 02:20:21
Been zeroing in on a level 2 sort of thing. 02:20:24
The big question is, yeah, the phasing and and is and is an all at once even an option? Does that really mean moving out of the 02:20:29
building? 02:20:33
Although that might create some some cost savings for the project. 02:20:38
And you have additional costs of renting somewhere else and moving costs. 02:20:42
But then again, it might save some money, but I don't even know if we even. 02:20:47
That would take a fair amount of homework I think, just to figure out if there is if the alternative of all at once. 02:20:52
Really used it as a viable. 02:20:57
Option. So we'd have to find reasonable space, presumably within the boundaries of the city. 02:21:00
And there's no way there's a plethora of office space. Just to score would be a real problem, I think. 02:21:07
Yeah, maybe planning. I mean, I mean, we've got all our plans and. 02:21:12
I mean, everybody would be a pain, but especially like the court would think. 02:21:17
Yeah, but it's it's worse at work. Worth asking the question, but. 02:21:21
Yeah, it feels like. 02:21:26
That's a heavy lift to doing all at once, which means. 02:21:29
Out of the building. 02:21:32
And. 02:21:34
So, so, so unless there is a viable option for that and that's just when we ex out on the on the front end and figure out the 02:21:35
phasic, yeah, we had. 02:21:41
You know there is a temporary. 02:21:48
Well, there is a City Hall that is being vacated to in close proximity, but. 02:21:51
It sounds like that building is already slated for redevelopment. That's what I've read is they'll Creek's existing town hall. 02:21:56
Part of the reason for them to push forward for that was that their lease was not going to be renewed and so then there was kind 02:22:02
of a finite timeline for Mill Creek. 02:22:07
To move out of that space. 02:22:13
Now the the one thing would be interesting for things like Justice Court or something like that is if I remember correctly and 02:22:14
locate those is. 02:22:18
Having a similar court scenario in there. 02:22:23
Building and their new one. I don't. I didn't, OK. 02:22:26
It would be if they had something similar. It was close enough. 02:22:29
The jurisdiction allows you to temporarily use something like that for administrative Office of the Courts that has to sign off on 02:22:32
the space. 02:22:37
Yeah, like a temporary rental space probably just wouldn't work. 02:22:42
Particularly for some, especially since we have two contracts now, Mill Creek and Time, what rights? 02:22:46
It would be. It would be a big deal. 02:22:51
The other place I might think would be close proximity to you that might have that facility would be Murray. 02:22:54
And their new City Hall. 02:22:59
What? What? Remind me again what you said? 02:23:01
Your thought about what our next step should be, what's the next decision point. So I think really right now is it sounds like 02:23:05
you've kind of made the decision. The biggest one was where do you feel like seismic level upgrade is what the council would 02:23:11
really want And it seems like level 2 is where you are thinking is the best for you that would give you beyond just like safety 02:23:17
would probably give you you know some some ability to potentially reuse the building or repair the building after. 02:23:24
Right. And so to that point though, I just one thing you haven't seen although the discussion has been. 02:23:31
Kind of focused towards level 2. I don't think you've seen the total budget impact before. And so just want to point out that last 02:23:38
column. 02:23:44
Because that's a larger number than we had been talking about the 10 million. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I was, we're talking 8 before, 02:23:50