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Good morning. 00:00:03
So. 00:00:06
Right, Yeah. 00:00:14
All right. So we'll get going with the work session and we're going to start with. 00:00:16
Um. 00:00:23
The Advice and consent 2023 Dash 19 We are putting 2 new. 00:00:27
Finally, Commissioners and reacquainting one of the Planning Commission where banks. 00:00:33
And so both districts four and five were open and their interviews have taken place and. 00:00:38
And we have some Africans and two selections, so we always like we you do not have to stay here for the council meeting when we 00:00:44
actually appoint you, but you're welcome to but. 00:00:50
We always hope to take the numbers. Ohh. 00:00:56
You probably don't even know this part here with math. 00:00:59
That you might represent Council District 2. 00:01:03
Is this required? 00:01:07
And second quarter? 00:01:11
I'm Jared. I'm the city engineer. 00:01:13
Hi Rob, bad mayor. 00:01:16
John Turley, we met. 00:01:18
I am from district district. 00:01:23
Hold on. 00:01:32
And Tigra running and from Idaho. 00:01:35
District 1. 00:01:39
I should been taking. 00:01:41
Now you're right. 00:01:43
We're on the website. 00:01:44
Well, let's all finish. 00:01:50
The city attorney. 00:01:55
Manager. 00:01:57
Just. 00:01:58
Campground. 00:02:01
Yeah. So anyway, they're Planning Commission is very does very important work on behalf of the city. 00:02:04
The council doesn't engage with them a whole lot on purpose. We try to keep our roles separate and appropriate, so there's no. 00:02:11
Perception of inner intermingling our duties and responsibilities but. 00:02:20
Deal with a lot of leg stuff. 00:02:24
And a lot of stuff that's really important for the city. 00:02:27
And so we're fortunate to have people that are willing to. 00:02:30
You know, ohh here, there's time to do this important work. So we're grateful that you threw your hat in the ring. Or select it 00:02:35
and. 00:02:38
Would love to maybe just. 00:02:42
Get a little bit about yourself and your family and and what prompted you to volunteer, Sure. 00:02:43
Um. 00:02:52
I. 00:02:53
About two years ago, so we spent around right away. 00:02:55
And. 00:02:59
This is the first time since last week period I've been hearing that we. 00:03:01
Are in a place with no definite time that we have stress or you know we we had a job that was sort of a. 00:03:05
Two year thing even though. 00:03:12
And this is the first time we were getting community where? 00:03:14
You can. You can take as long as you want. 00:03:17
And that has actually been about how we want to invest in our neighbors and. 00:03:19
And and what's going on so? 00:03:24
We've we've just really, really liked it here so far. 00:03:27
I studied environmental science and undergrad and then I got a masters in education and also public policy. So I'm a middle school 00:03:32
math teacher right now. 00:03:36
I. 00:03:47
Junior High. 00:03:50
And. 00:03:53
And so. 00:03:54
I I do. 00:03:56
I didn't think that, sort of. 00:03:57
Sitting development or something I was interested in. So I started being like, ohh, I live here, I really care about that 00:04:00
happening. 00:04:02
And. 00:04:05
So when I was talking about, you know, my kids sometimes take the bus to the park or the library. 00:04:06
And we'll look at what's going on. So it's made me just want to be involved in it in a different way. 00:04:13
In their lives. So this is just such a tough opportunities for. 00:04:20
For me, I'm really honored. 00:04:24
So be there. 00:04:26
So where do you live? From where? 00:04:28
We have learned that New Hampshire and my parents still live there, so served out by the Seacoast S Allen north of Boston. 00:04:30
And looks like they're offended. 00:04:37
Ohh yeah, OK, we're just about. 00:04:39
I just drove through there. 00:04:43
Such a beautiful place. Yeah, 1500 people. 00:04:47
I think we both. 00:04:52
68 registered graveyards in the hotel. 00:04:54
So, you know, riding Holly. 00:05:00
We lived in DC and we just moved from California. 00:05:04
Yeah, we're both working normally. That really would be fun to live. 00:05:09
And we had a lot of kids on here, so it has been really fun. 00:05:14
Using here. 00:05:18
And my husband had moved down here, so. 00:05:19
The food and waffle. 00:05:23
Is it true that you that your husband lied to? Yes. 00:05:25
We saw the posting and we were actually overdue because they ended up. 00:05:30
This is. 00:05:36
And. 00:05:39
For that. 00:05:40
So. 00:05:44
Where on the island do you live? 00:05:47
We're 2755 to about 500, pretty close. 00:05:49
OK. 00:05:54
Right. Yeah. I'm just happy to help, please. Good morning. 00:05:57
Yes, my son called me. 00:06:02
What's up? 00:06:04
Great. 00:06:05
You know the second group. 00:06:07
My grandkids go to. 00:06:11
Morningside and they walked to my house. 00:06:12
Afternoons afterwards, so it's great. 00:06:15
We're lucky to have you with your background. 00:06:24
I hope so. 00:06:28
Commission we have, Commissioner, bringing all sorts of. 00:06:30
Different skill sets and and well through your teaching. Your educational background is just. 00:06:33
Really. 00:06:40
Thank you and you. 00:06:42
Have all the children. 00:06:45
All of a sudden. 00:06:47
Intense. 00:06:49
Excellent. 00:06:52
Funny, I didn't. 00:06:56
You have to pick your brain. 00:07:00
What? 00:07:03
Yeah, so. 00:07:04
What is it? 00:07:06
What? What are your recommendations about how I'm learning? How are you? 00:07:07
That is faster. 00:07:11
Well, John's here. 00:07:12
I just. 00:07:15
They needed the same length. 00:07:17
Figure out the smartest people in the room are. It's just. 00:07:19
Listen to 1. 00:07:22
And emergency go and we'll just do that. 00:07:24
Talk to your father. 00:07:27
Commission members and see what they think and try to learn different points of view. 00:07:29
Why do people feel differently? 00:07:33
And you know if they do. 00:07:35
And. 00:07:37
You know, reasonable to disagree, but. 00:07:39
But. 00:07:42
One of you guys. Interesting. 00:07:44
That time, my experience is that I always have questions and. 00:07:46
I wish to worry that I'm asking stupid question, but I would ask the question and I realized about half the room were grateful I 00:07:50
asked the question is there. 00:07:54
A lot of people don't dare ask. 00:07:59
Questions. So that's the big one. It's just. 00:08:01
Just be curious and. 00:08:04
With your background teaching man, if you're. 00:08:06
Yeah, I think too. 00:08:11
There's something that issue comes up and says you have to start from scratch and research and. 00:08:14
Through the whole underlying staff. 00:08:20
Report and all the information and reference is what you'll be dealing with and then you can go. 00:08:23
Cross our concept of the code that you want to educate yourself and then you always have access to the staff too. 00:08:28
So pretty good. Educate yourself as you go, topic by topic. 00:08:34
That you deal with on the Planning Commission will happen for me and. 00:08:39
You know. 00:08:43
When I got involved too, it's I started not knowing anything. 00:08:45
And then? 00:08:49
As you approach this, you learn more and more, but a lot of it. 00:08:50
It's going to be set up. It's going to be set in front of you and set up for you. 00:08:54
Through staff work before you get. 00:08:58
The Planning Commission. 00:09:01
Weather. 00:09:04
There. 00:09:08
The state law right now requires the planning commissioners have one hour of training. 00:09:09
Before they can sit and participate in the meetings. 00:09:13
Remember the requirement for four hours worth of. 00:09:18
Training related to the Planning Commissioner during. 00:09:20
The course of the year. 00:09:24
We'll have a chance to sit down and speak with you for. 00:09:26
I guess I would call it Kevin orientation could be informal, would be just you again and Planning Commission we're hoping. 00:09:30
That way, and we'll spend time sort of giving you some basics. 00:09:36
The cities will regulate the use of land and development applications. 00:09:41
And try to give you as much background as you can when you go into that first meeting, so when your head spins, you at least know 00:09:46
which way to stop. 00:09:49
But it's a. 00:09:55
It's always the price of me how quickly our commissioners. 00:09:57
Get up to speed how quickly they understand their role and start to feel comfortable in the functions of performing. 00:10:01
And you're surrounded by. 00:10:10
Really terrific people. 00:10:12
You'll like them. You'll enjoy working with them and. 00:10:15
I I do think you'll find. 00:10:18
What you're doing there really meaningful? 00:10:20
Thank you. 00:10:26
OK. 00:10:29
Well, thanks so much. 00:10:31
It will, It'll be. 00:10:33
First we'll vote it, but you don't need to be around. 00:10:35
Well, my husband was gonna bring them. 00:10:41
And then? 00:10:47
You're welcome to stay. 00:10:49
OK, I think I got this. 00:10:55
Please look for yourself. 00:10:57
Introduce your family. 00:11:05
I don't know. 00:11:08
I don't think this journal out there. 00:11:09
Ohh, OK, perfect. Yeah, you'll meet one of your. 00:11:12
Harder parts here. 00:11:16
Very shortly, I hope you're getting from. 00:11:17
We've got a six, four and two. 00:11:20
On the other one. 00:11:22
Next. 00:11:24
6 year old. 00:11:27
So. 00:11:45
What do you prefer? 00:11:46
I think he prefers toughness. 00:11:48
Special. 00:11:53
Alright. 00:11:58
Practice. 00:12:01
That. 00:12:04
All, yeah. 00:12:12
Maybe six months. 00:12:15
Well, if. 00:12:16
You do the same thing. 00:12:21
But while the checking. 00:12:25
Let me just go through this real quick. So so the first item is the. 00:12:26
Of three for the two new planning commissioners and the one requirement. 00:12:31
Then we have the approval of the resolution of the euro. 00:12:36
And for Animal Services, which is. 00:12:41
The state of the. 00:12:43
Pretty basic thing and I think it's a five year contract, but it's. 00:12:45
Anybody can either car. You can get noticed. It's pretty simple contract and. 00:12:50
Yeah. 00:12:55
The fee we're paying now is is. 00:12:56
Caught up. 00:12:59
We went through that through your patterning where we were way behind in terms of the county was trying to make sure. 00:13:01
Years appropriately and we worked out an agreement for less. 00:13:07
Further into that overtime, so. 00:13:11
Were caught up, and now it's just whenever they're. 00:13:13
Budgetary, inflationary pieces of the budget, so. 00:13:16
Pretty simple. 00:13:20
But certainly if there's any questions before we get information, we can. 00:13:22
Asking your phone. 00:13:25
Then you have interlocal agreement with Salt Lake County for the traffic signal installation offices, the. 00:13:28
He's over by. I believe I've lost that Waldorf. 00:13:33
Working on federal funds for state funds. 00:13:38
Everybody remember Jared and engineered that and that trade for the money so we could do it cheaper and. 00:13:42
I'm assuming did we vote or do we have a second grade vote Creek for the for the we're gonna do it pay for them. They're gonna 00:13:48
reimburse us for their contract. Yes. Yes. OK. I think we executed. 00:13:54
So this is really just the agreement. 00:14:02
OK. 00:14:07
The agreement with Utah Division of Forestry Fire. 00:14:13
This is the one that was kind of confusing. Where we find it but we. 00:14:17
Please. 00:14:22
Now that when I read this, maybe like we could cross. 00:14:23
Terminated. 00:14:29
There's certainly saying no, this is a new five year old goes from January for another five years. This is the renewal. 00:14:31
So this one will renew in January and then 12 through 2029. 00:14:39
Yes, OK. 00:14:43
And basically all it is. 00:14:46
And that's all for me is is. 00:14:49
Hey, do you agree with that? We'll say we'll pay to cover. 00:14:51
Liabilities that the city has regarding. 00:14:54
Wildland fires. 00:14:58
As long as we need certain obligations. 00:15:00
Internally to the city to help. 00:15:04
You know, dad can answer any questions, but basically saying we've got some things we've got to do. 00:15:07
To make sure that we're protecting the city from. 00:15:12
The fires, if you do that, then we have some liability coverage from the state, something like that, right? Correct. 00:15:16
And you're thinking that all those things anyways, although required. 00:15:22
OK. 00:15:28
So this is just we have to have this agreement in place. 00:15:29
With the state to make sure that we. 00:15:33
So. 00:15:36
Yeah. 00:15:37
Um. 00:15:42
The pipelines, a lot of portions of the board. 00:15:46
This is $600,000 basically. 00:15:50
Um. 00:15:54
Is this? 00:16:01
Confused on this is. 00:16:03
Is this this is the separate? 00:16:05
This is a separate 600,000. 00:16:07
We were just. 00:16:11
Working with. 00:16:13
It does. This is the 600 is our share of the cost Ohh. 00:16:14
OK. OK. And it's with the candy. 00:16:20
More people have a similar arrangement and then we will enter into another view. 00:16:30
And it's not yet prepared with Mill Creek to plan the entirety of the. 00:16:36
They're both of them are separate separately word superscript. 00:16:46
At all. 00:16:53
Alright. 00:16:56
Uh. 00:16:59
And we'll come to this in any clarifying questions you guys have we kind of open up Gene they did this have you dinner review 00:17:00
council then. 00:17:05
Is it prompting more questions on that? 00:17:10
Before we take it to a motion. 00:17:13
Of any. 00:17:16
Issues with any of the minutes April 6, twenty, 24th, 11th, and 18th. 00:17:17
At June 1st. 00:17:25
Minutes. 00:17:30
Julia. 00:17:39
OK, the historical preservation options that's gonna be really gonna push that dog 17. 00:17:41
OK. 00:17:48
So that we'll discuss on August 17th and then we'll have to end our see it come in. 00:17:49
There's everybody in that and I think we may have done that. 00:17:54
So everybody's met her. 00:18:00
And she will be in the present. 00:18:02
Well, we have been doing. 00:18:05
On the water, income, housing issues. 00:18:08
Within the packet and. 00:18:11
I'll just let her kind of review that. 00:18:12
And then we've got the 1770 Holiday Blvd. discussion, which is the House of Purchase. 00:18:20
And I believe that. 00:18:27
Instagram and Facebook City Hall Facebook poster post could be chair. 00:18:32
And we'll talk about, you know, this infrastructure and sell out here from City Hall. 00:18:38
In the packet and then. 00:18:43
The seismic issues. 00:18:47
And hopefully. 00:18:49
Delivered through that whole 100. 00:18:50
There's still. 00:18:55
Money. 00:18:56
OK. Well, thank you There. We'll take 10 minutes to meet Jill. 00:18:59
Is it? 00:19:05
Alright. 00:19:07
Ohh, after I think it's just. 00:19:09
Alright, Jill, you're in the hot seat right there, prepared for the hot seat. 00:19:17
Prepared to be on the plane. 00:19:24
Yeah. 00:19:26
To take just a brief moment to. 00:19:29
Uh. 00:19:32
Get to know you a little bit and let me introduce council member introduce himself real quick so you won't be talking. 00:19:33
I met Durham and I represent Council District 2. 00:19:41
Can't give U.S. District 5? That's my guess, yes. 00:19:44
On certain parts of the quarter. 00:19:48
A jerk? I'm sitting here. 00:19:52
Another option would be. 00:19:54
John Shirley. 00:19:56
Trip planned District 4 and I'm friends with the Fountains, right? Yeah. 00:19:58
Ohh bothering him just get 3. 00:20:05
Type 1. 00:20:08
And then when you start, you know, getting brown. 00:20:10
And I'm just a little here by police. 00:20:15
I'm sorry, Doctor. 00:20:20
No, we won't. Well, restarted Daddy. 00:20:27
We. 00:20:31
So you came to the Council meeting and I introduced myself, and then yet another issue. 00:20:32
Related to. 00:20:37
Want to say he's came with the set this year in a separate? 00:20:40
And. 00:20:44
We just started talking about. 00:20:46
The city and. 00:20:48
You know, correct my memory if it's wrong, but you moved from Park City and. 00:20:50
So it's holiday and have enjoyed living in holiday and we started talking about all that and this issue. 00:20:55
Planning Commission came up and you talked about wanting to get more involved. I said, well, there's opportunity. 00:21:02
And you're questioning like, well, I don't. 00:21:08
Not in the land use and I thought, yeah. 00:21:11
But we have a mix of people in our Planning Commission. But we were just Talking Angela, and she's a teacher. 00:21:14
But she's obviously very well educated and so we want people that are right and interested and. 00:21:19
Are you know, cross section of our city? 00:21:27
It's important, so obviously you interviewed well. 00:21:31
And we're selected. But yeah. 00:21:35
Of, you know, our Planning Commission is really important. They do important work for the city. 00:21:39
Ladies is probably the most important thing we handle animals. Controversial thing we deal with. 00:21:43
So. 00:21:49
It's important job. 00:21:51
And we're thrilled that you through your headline. 00:21:52
And. 00:21:55
I want to give you a little bit of time to just introduce yourself to kind of tell us a little bit about yourself and see what 00:21:57
questions the council has and then we'll move across the hall and take a motion, OK? 00:22:02
Well, I as I explained to. 00:22:07
To John and Gia. 00:22:11
I have a fairly strong business background. 00:22:13
And. 00:22:16
With broad. 00:22:20
I've been to a few City Council meetings and I thought, you know, this is a place where I really want to get involved, I believe, 00:22:21
in serving your community. 00:22:25
And I wanted to get involved in some way, but I had no idea. 00:22:30
Where to start? So I asked Rob to meet with me to give him some ideas. 00:22:34
And he suggested the Planning Commission and then said, well, I don't know about that because I've never been a builder. You know, 00:22:39
I've never been a student. City planning, that's not. 00:22:44
Did my background or area of expertise to see assured me that what? 00:22:50
One really needs to serve effectively on the Planning Commission is. 00:22:55
The commitment. 00:23:00
To to follow through on things and. 00:23:02
The ability to. 00:23:05
Look at. 00:23:08
Sometimes complex issues and. 00:23:09
And think them through and and think clearly and so forth. And I said well I can do all that And so he recommended that I I have 00:23:14
Planning Commission. 00:23:20
And. 00:23:26
Frankly. 00:23:27
I didn't have that in mind because I didn't know much about what the Planning Commission did. I learned a lot more than I met 00:23:28
with. 00:23:32
John and Jenna. 00:23:36
And. 00:23:39
Here I am. I mean, I've, I've got, as I said, I've got along a strong business background, but I also. 00:23:40
I came, I moved. 00:23:48
We used to live in Park City and we moved away from the distance. We lived in Southern California for a while. 00:23:50
And I really believe strongly in. 00:23:57
Giving back to your community. 00:23:59
So when I was in Southern California, I. 00:24:01
Headed up. 00:24:04
And yeah, I didn't know anything about this, but they needed somebody to do it. So I headed up the. 00:24:06
Disaster preparedness. 00:24:11
And maybe for our. 00:24:13
HOA, which was almost 900 homes. 00:24:16
And I love that charge and got things organized there. 00:24:19
And I was the president of our homeowners association mayor. And it's it's not because I have this. 00:24:24
You know when I leave the power I. 00:24:30
I just want to contribute where I can contribute, and there are a lot of people. 00:24:34
Who don't step up and say, OK, I'll take on the responsibility. So when I met with John and Deena and and learned that. 00:24:39
This is a substantial responsibility. 00:24:48
That appealed to me. I like that and I have the time. I think I have the intellectual capacity to. 00:24:52
Understand. 00:25:00
Documents and to work well with people and and so forth. So I guess that's what. 00:25:02
But. 00:25:10
That's why I'm here tonight. 00:25:11
So we're grateful you put your head in and we will be fantastic. Thank you. 00:25:13
I I really don't know. I yeah, I feel a little bit like the the dog who chased the car. 00:25:18
I don't really know what I'm in for, I can't help it. 00:25:27
I. 00:25:31
Real deal. 00:25:32
Exactly. 00:25:36
Turn on the job and pick it up as you go and do your best and really like that, you know, and I I. 00:25:38
Able to. 00:25:44
Sit back and listen when that's appropriate, and certainly appropriate when you're doing your role. 00:25:45
And I. 00:25:51
I enjoy responsibility and I I really enjoy this. I think I will enjoy this particular responsibility because. 00:25:52
I think it's really important and I think it's really important to strike a balance. 00:26:01
Inner city. 00:26:06
Between interests of. 00:26:07
Between the commercial interests and the interests of the citizens. 00:26:10
And that's how I that's how I see the scroll. 00:26:15
Yeah, you'll be started by a great staff. 00:26:19
We're very attentive and smart. 00:26:22
You're not living your life. 00:26:25
And in in coming to the few City Council meetings that I've attended, I've been very impressed with. 00:26:28
The council and the staff and the way they seem to work together and have. 00:26:34
Mutual respect and it just all feels like a giant team that. 00:26:39
I'd like to be part of. 00:26:44
Great. 00:26:46
I think we are really lucky. We have very collaborative council and it's great relationship with staff and I think you'll kind of 00:26:47
enough for sure. 00:26:51
What else? 00:26:57
He didn't even warm yet. 00:26:59
Wait till you actually. 00:27:05
Over there. 00:27:08
It's not. It's not not. The real high paying jobs are real people too. 00:27:12
No, it's. 00:27:20
There's some pain involved at the council with its service work. 00:27:22
It served as not serving your community. 00:27:26
I appreciate your comments about that because a lot of people are happy to. 00:27:28
They complain but. 00:27:33
Aren't really. 00:27:35
Willing to come up with. 00:27:37
Suggested their solutions for or. 00:27:39
Participate in. 00:27:42
Trying to solve the problem so. 00:27:43
We're blocking, yeah, people that are. 00:27:47
So thanks for volunteering to fight. We appreciate it. Thank you. 00:27:49
Alright, with that, I think we're gonna live across the hall. 00:27:55
Yeah. 00:28:02
It's all we have. 00:28:06
Last year. 00:28:07
You look fabulous in the window. 00:28:10
Terrorist. 00:28:14
Good evening, Mayor and council members. 00:28:16
And. 00:28:19
Tonight. 00:28:21
In front of you it's. 00:28:23
A template and report on our. 00:28:25
Anyway. 00:28:30
Said. 00:28:33
And it shows 6 strategies. 00:28:34
Staff reported and we chose three out of those six. 00:28:37
That we've got show progress on that we could submit and. 00:28:41
The NIH plan was adopted by council on 20/22. 00:28:49
And council or the state? 00:28:54
Good morning. 00:28:58
Our performance period is August 1st, 2022. 00:29:00
To July 31st, 2023. 00:29:04
So we have some labs to report on. 00:29:08
What we've done? 00:29:10
Strategies that we've chosen. 00:29:13
What is purposes of providing a reference on the moderate affordable housing refers to? 00:29:16
Moderate income family. 00:29:22
Can afford? 00:29:24
Without paying more than the recommended 30%. 00:29:26
Of their income towards housing. 00:29:29
That's that's what affordable housing is. 00:29:32
So let's say a household earning 84,800. 00:29:35
They could afford to spend. 00:29:41
2120. 00:29:43
On your bed. 00:29:44
Per month for mortgage per month. 00:29:46
Similarity from housing is defined as 50% to 80% of the county. 00:29:48
Immediate. 00:29:54
6000. 00:29:56
So when you're looking at moderate income housing? 00:29:58
You're looking at 53,000 to 84,800. 00:30:02
Of their income. 00:30:07
That's what qualifies you as a moderate income household. 00:30:10
Fair Market Rents, we were looking into that also. 00:30:15
The increase of 2022-2023. 00:30:18
They increased by $200. 00:30:21
And you're looking at the risk for termination. 00:30:23
So for one bedroom. 00:30:28
Apartment. 00:30:29
Is now 1258. That's 21. 00:30:31
Last year. 00:30:34
Before bed compartment is 2308. 00:30:35
Which is 10 more than last year. So brands have increasing and fair market rate, that's just a suggestion. 00:30:38
And the other restriction. 00:30:45
Talking about the. 00:30:49
The income fees. 00:30:50
Our art is moderate income housing. 00:30:52
Measurement that there will be applied for holiday. 00:30:57
Based on the. 00:31:00
Moderate or average income for the county or for other. 00:31:03
On that holiday. 00:31:07
Ohh, that's the county actually. But we have to we fall under the South. 00:31:08
Salt Lake County. 00:31:12
Members. 00:31:14
Telecommuting and incomes 106,000. 00:31:16
So moderate and that is 53,000 to 84 eight, yeah and that's about the income piece is measured. 00:31:19
Tell me why. 00:31:27
But the. 00:31:28
Property and rents and about land values. 00:31:30
City wise that seems like. 00:31:34
That's an extra high hurdle for. 00:31:36
For our side. 00:31:39
Holiday, right? You know it's not holidays, media, anytime, it's counties, median income. But you gotta provide. 00:31:42
The goal is to write moderate income housing for households of a county wide income. 00:31:50
But in holidays. 00:31:55
So, so the grants. 00:31:58
That rent numbers that you quoted just minute ago. 00:32:00
Your Dallas County wide or those just weekend holiday? 00:32:03
So you know what the holiday rents are. 00:32:08
That's what we're researching right now to find out another higher spreadsheet together. 00:32:11
You are holding on to the residential. 00:32:17
Most standard. 00:32:21
That idea because. 00:32:23
Had the vaccine crease from last year's holiday. 00:32:26
So that's. 00:32:30
Thank you. 00:32:33
So, so those are the increase and we're looking at 30%. 00:32:37
Of your income points, right? 00:32:42
Holiday has 11,846 thousand units. 00:32:46
25% of the households here in holiday. 00:32:50
Over 30% of their income. 00:32:54
And then? 00:33:00
Where is that? 00:33:04
Census. 00:33:06
That has specific holidays. 00:33:08
It's specific holiday, but is that? 00:33:12
Outlier because I would, I would think that. 00:33:17
Most communities have that statistic where? 00:33:22
A lot of people are paying for 30%. 00:33:28
Because of housing cost. 00:33:30
Yeah. 00:33:33
So I don't think holidays would be. 00:33:34
That part is higher. 00:33:39
No, it's not that. It's a piece of information that we need to be aware of. 00:33:41
Patient will follow. 00:33:45
No. 00:33:48
There's a lot of. 00:33:49
And how do we help them? 00:33:55
The things that people. 00:34:00
Just to be aware that that's. 00:34:05
25%. 00:34:13
That's that's owner occupied. 00:34:20
I have to looking down. 00:34:23
They're paying over third of the household. 00:34:31
Moving towards the strategies, the three strategies that we chose. 00:34:50
To report on. 00:34:53
On the first one, strategy each. 00:34:55
Regulations to eliminate or reduce parking. 00:34:59
Requirements. 00:35:01
Because we're looking at the the 12 month period and that period a lot of physical findings. 00:35:03
Quarter our property slide because a lot of our. 00:35:10
Actually completed or done before? 00:35:15
So we were able to find a couple of items. 00:35:19
Under this strategy that we were able to report on. 00:35:22
Which was basically the. 00:35:25
Actually breaking amendments that we did the ordinance that was. 00:35:27
Council in November last year report that. 00:35:31
As progress. 00:35:35
For us are required to. 00:35:38
Provide barriers. 00:35:41
Barriers. 00:35:43
For each of the strategies and barriers. 00:35:44
Barriers were just. 00:35:47
What did the community feel about that? What have you heard of it? 00:35:51
Developers. 00:35:55
Regarding this strategy, you have commented the strategy. 00:35:58
And. 00:36:07
Basically starting some of the history of the public hearing process. 00:36:08
Yeah. 00:36:12
Turkey. 00:36:14
So. 00:36:20
The strategy O was to apply for apartment with an entity. 00:36:26
Better price for federal funds? 00:36:31
So we highlighted that the city hired partition. 00:36:33
To. 00:36:38
So that's the positive. 00:36:41
Strategy. 00:36:45
Very coordinating with the county. 00:36:47
We met with them already. 00:36:52
And. 00:36:56
Programs that we can. 00:36:56
So that's progress statements. 00:37:00
Positive. 00:37:05
Already. 00:37:07
The barriers were basically membership. 00:37:10
The only. 00:37:16
Skype. 00:37:18
Over. 00:37:24
With you. 00:37:26
To do that. 00:37:29
Strategy key. That's the last. 00:37:31
Strategy that we looked at. 00:37:34
And that was devastating innovation of the moderate income. 00:37:38
How do you say? 00:37:41
And on that strategy we had. 00:37:43
The first one was. 00:37:48
On the 100 units that we. 00:37:50
Cities that we're communicating with the developer to develop here in the city. 00:37:53
So we just basically said that. 00:37:57
The transition to continue this conversation. 00:38:00
Upon. 00:38:04
Regarding the 100 units where we're gonna develop them, we don't know yet. We don't know how they're going to. 00:38:05
Force those units, whether they be programs or probably development, we don't know yet, but we have started this conversation. 00:38:12
Actually progress. 00:38:21
The second action item was. 00:38:24
To develop a steady. 00:38:27
On higher density. 00:38:29
Inclusionary. 00:38:32
Or something like that, so basically. 00:38:33
He said, well, this position. 00:38:35
It's starting to look at and research. 00:38:38
Some of the other states. 00:38:40
Through their skin. 00:38:44
And. 00:38:46
And we're we're doing it. 00:38:47
Those. 00:38:49
That action is not due until. 00:38:52
Yeah, the barriers that we didn't see any barriers yet until we started. 00:39:01
Having conversation. 00:39:06
So. 00:39:08
How? 00:39:11
And then Jump said you've been in regular contact. 00:39:12
See. 00:39:14
Going over these strategies, that information are you? 00:39:16
Volume for last. 00:39:19
The kind of detail you want from us. 00:39:22
So. 00:39:25
We've been putting that together and sending it back and forth and they did that. 00:39:26
Very, very good about reviewing and positive that. 00:39:31
This is. 00:39:34
Or that same state state. 00:39:38
Is. 00:39:40
And I'm hoping to get all of this done. Must have been my last review. 00:39:42
And then? 00:39:48
In everything. 00:39:50
Please. 00:39:57
So. 00:40:00
So that concludes our presentation. 00:40:04
Quick question. 00:40:11
Yeah. 00:40:13
The reason for our density of moderate for residential personalities. 00:40:15
We I know we did. 00:40:21
But do we get any? 00:40:25
Credit for that tax amendment. 00:40:27
It was done before then. Period. 00:40:32
And that's so. 00:40:36
There is this. 00:40:42
Ohh yeah. 00:40:44
Here. 00:40:47
Steps towards. 00:40:51
Was cast recording. 00:40:52
Deadlines. 00:40:55
That's where you. 00:40:57
Through that. 00:40:58
Because it's in that weird Gray area. 00:41:00
That's why you slow play. 00:41:05
Back. 00:41:08
Right. 00:41:13
Progress. Progress. Progress. 00:41:15
Progress. 00:41:20
Right, right. 00:41:22
The little cars. 00:41:25
You know. 00:41:28
Yeah. 00:41:31
Sorry. 00:41:35
Take credit for something. 00:41:37
Well, that's what you just said. We're starting, right, right. We don't wear those 100. 00:41:40
Still out there, but. 00:41:50
The bottom line is. 00:41:54
What you're saying is this is a report on last year? 00:41:55
Last year and then lastly, so, OK. 00:42:00
Last year. 00:42:05
Just for money. And that was I was telling them all this, Stephanie, they did that happen within this period. I'm like, you know, 00:42:07
if we only want you. What happened? 00:42:12
And that was clear. 00:42:20
Yeah. 00:42:24
And then it was how compliance was taken February of this year. So that only gave us a few months, but then they changed, they 00:42:28
changed their. 00:42:32
Go back to officers. 00:42:38
You have a sense of how our report is going to be accepted. 00:42:42
OK, from children I'm. 00:42:49
Tomorrow on the parking requirements and soon as we get there, thumbs up on that, it'll be a lot smoother and they'll say ohh. 00:42:54
That's. 00:43:07
And this is in. 00:43:10
Next. 00:43:20
The next. 00:43:24
Right. And then, yeah. 00:43:25
Yeah, crystal ball about that well. 00:43:30
So I had a long conversation with Christina Oliver, director, overseeing this. 00:43:35
There were issues last year before the session started moving out of the session about sort of what I guess I would call some 00:43:46
indefinite. 00:43:50
Terms in the Statute regarding our reporting. 00:43:55
And for the shift of the legislature from you have to plan for it that now you have to actually show some definitive actions for 00:44:00
good limitation of your plan. 00:44:05
We're finding is that. 00:44:11
DWS was. 00:44:14
I don't know how to say it. 00:44:16
In the dark. 00:44:20
About how to interpret the plant statute and the implementation part of it. And the initial reporting was shocked. 00:44:21
To everybody. 00:44:31
The cities because. 00:44:33
W. 00:44:36
So there's there's a disconnect about what it actually means. 00:44:43
We're starting to get to the point where I think DWS is looking for more objective information and they they're trying not to be 00:44:48
in the subjective evaluation of the plan, so. 00:44:54
There's a. 00:45:02
Interesting place where? 00:45:04
We're trying to better the moderate income housing situation. That's what our plan is for. That's why we're trying to implement 00:45:06
these steps. 00:45:09
At the same time the the evaluation of the plan is kind of an objective. 00:45:13
I don't want to say check the box thing, but we're moving more towards that in the subjective evaluation of our implementation, 00:45:18
right. And I think that's good for holiday for a few reasons. 00:45:24
You want moderate income housing. You're doing everything you can get, but you have greater barriers. 00:45:30
Then a lot of communities do, right? You don't have transit locations that really support. 00:45:35
You're lying. Costs are through the roof. 00:45:42
You're in a sort of a redevelopment state as opposed to the Greenfield kind of condition. You have a lot of barriers. 00:45:44
So I think that. 00:45:51
Sort of more objective evaluation as opposed to a subjective 1. 00:45:53
Will will support your compliance efforts going forward? You ever see it getting to the point where. 00:45:57
How many additional units of? 00:46:03
Affordable housing that you now have as a result of this stuff, but we're just, we're not in the business of developed plan 00:46:06
development, housing development, build anything, right? Right. 00:46:11
I hope it doesn't get there and we're doing everything to try and save that off. You know, there was a push. 00:46:17
Not this last session, but 2021 really. 00:46:24
There's a fairly significant push to. 00:46:28
Sort of. 00:46:31
Required that. 00:46:32
Every community along the Wasatch Front there are some of the burden of affordable housing and community like holidays. 00:46:34
Couldn't easily do it. 00:46:40
You're going to have some kind of a band requirement like we do now with the homeless position, right? Those are the kind of 00:46:42
battles we're fighting. 00:46:46
It's a little quieter. 00:46:51
On that front right now. 00:46:53
We're not hearing quite as much of that talk. 00:46:56
It's also July, alright, You know, talk to me in October and November and we'll see. 00:46:58
We're starting with 12. I'm not hearing that kind of generation. What I am hearing is that we did chatter about I think we need to 00:47:03
do every single families only want to grow so many residential zone. 00:47:11
We are starting to. 00:47:20
Hear that again? That's going to consist of the last several years. 00:47:22
It doesn't necessarily feel to me like that one has legs. 00:47:26
Yeah. 00:47:30
So in terms of this plan, required plan? 00:47:34
Good. 00:47:40
The chatter is fairly quiet. 00:47:41
I think when the reports are doing August 1st and you start to see the report should be WS about how many computers in the 00:47:43
community are in compliance that we have. 00:47:47
Outliers who are? 00:47:52
That may restart. 00:47:54
My sense is after the headache of last year, we'll probably see. 00:47:56
A significant number. 00:48:03
Hopefully that sort of keeps us on even footing knowing legislation we can actually leverage, requirements we have now for a few 00:48:09
years. 00:48:13
Right, so that. 00:48:20
So. 00:48:25
Does that does that impact this issue? 00:48:33
So that's the huge part of the debate right to. 00:48:37
Do any of these? 00:48:42
Plan requirement Does any part of the statute in the planning of the implementation? 00:48:44
Actually impact. 00:48:49
Just with your arms faster and faster, no wave them faster, you know that you're doing well. The consistency you say is that's 00:48:52
that's the question we asked all the time we're in these discussions. 00:48:57
How does that impact? How does that actually create more? 00:49:04
And the answer we get is, well, we kind of get more houses to the market. 00:49:08
But they're not affordable. 00:49:12
We're putting more inventory on market. 00:49:15
That inventory is starting at 750,000. 00:49:17
In the far southwest corner of the far northwest corner. 00:49:21
Their house in Tampa, we're still ready for 2520. Seven $100.00 so they're not owner occupied. So how are we? 00:49:26
Can the theory as well if we get hard market, we turn over more and then the bottom end of the market becomes available? 00:49:34
That formula was charged forward and hasn't worked there. Trying Texas didn't work there. Strike California didn't work there, so. 00:49:41
That's, you know, we're trying to push back against that notion that that creates affordable housing, some of the things we are 00:49:49
looking to do this year just to give you. 00:49:54
I take the lid off of. 00:50:00
Condominium right now building our building condominiums because they have. 00:50:03
Financing requirements that they can't really satisfy and making it feasible. 00:50:08
I'd like to take those off. 00:50:13
Because that's the place where we think we might be able to start actually creating. 00:50:15
Owner occupied units that are closer to that maybe? 00:50:18
80%. 00:50:22
But maybe he. 00:50:25
There's a ton of discussion about. 00:50:28
Parking requirements at the state level Should we be? 00:50:31
Sorry. 00:50:34
Enforcing parking requirements at the local level estate. 00:50:37
Statute. 00:50:42
So. 00:50:44
I mean that's kind of where the discussion sounds like. 00:50:45
But does any of this affect affordability? 00:50:50
Are it's really hard for us to have affordability at the local level. We don't build housing in Canada, We don't have funding to 00:50:56
subsidize. 00:51:01
Last year about having this tremendous surplus we didn't have. 00:51:07
Cities didn't have any surplus. 00:51:11
You operate on a balanced budget. 00:51:14
So we're not in this situation. We can subsidized housing to create affordable products. 00:51:17
Yeah, it seems to me. 00:51:25
Obviously the question for me is. 00:51:28
When you say. 00:51:31
There's going to be a lot more people in compliance. 00:51:33
10. 00:51:36
And the pieces of the compliance for that to address? 00:51:37
Issue with moderate income housing that you would see impact and I don't think you will. 00:51:41
Which is what you're all you're doing is saying people are figuring out. 00:51:46
How to check the boxes? Yeah, but it doesn't bring the laptop the. 00:51:50
Great. Inflationary cost of what it cost to build a house down and so your point it comes on the market, so portable. 00:51:56
So the only solution really is unless, unless the government wants to provide a subsidy to the builders. 00:52:03
So that they can make their balance sheet, their pro forma work. 00:52:11
I I will say this. 00:52:17
I think there's a piece that the state could help local government with. 00:52:19
And I don't think it would have a lot, but I think in some communities that you provided better infrastructure. 00:52:24
That. 00:52:32
I think if you could focus some of those kinds of. 00:52:34
Funding. 00:52:38
Sources in the higher transit areas, places where we are starting to develop transit. 00:52:39
You could start combating impact some of the housing costs around those areas, but. 00:52:45
The burden to that and I'll just tell you candidly when we talk about all these things that I'm looking at somebody from the 00:52:51
developer community to face and I say. 00:52:55
So you're always pushing back on city fees and you think we're our fees are too high if my city fees decreased by 30% as the house 00:52:59
costing to go down by any of them to say no, absolutely not. 00:53:05
If you. 00:53:12
We can. 00:53:13
Take that same house and whatever the fees are, we can sell it for the amount we're selling. 00:53:14
And you can't ask us to select all market. 00:53:19
That's an American. 00:53:23
So. 00:53:24
The city started the equation 8. I don't know how much impact it truly can have right now. There's so many levers that we're 00:53:27
trying to fold. 00:53:31
With the City side, I think there's some realization finding that. 00:53:36
Yeah. We can reduce our regulatory barriers a little bit and make it more efficient to get a house in the market. We could try to 00:53:40
get more inventory in the market. That's probably helpful at some level. 00:53:47
But to really tackle the affordable. 00:53:53
Issue. 00:53:56
Modern accounting issue. 00:53:57
We'll probably need to start talking about. 00:53:59
Other kinds of subsidies. 00:54:02
US. 00:54:06
Yeah, I understand. 00:54:14
Yeah, That number is 100,000 units. 00:54:17
Statewide and I and I thought the number was something in 80,000 million, We, Washington County had a huge number of entitled. 00:54:21
Not yet. Construction not permitted. 00:54:29
But even the number of. 00:54:32
Bill was pretty staggering also, so. 00:54:36
We are, you know the. 00:54:40
The governor stood up here. We've got to do something about the city problem. There's not a city problem. 00:54:42
And that was my question. Is there some? 00:54:48
Awareness of that now that maybe there were forces. 00:54:51
Work the data. 00:54:58
3. 00:55:01
It's just creating. 00:55:02
So. 00:55:04
But it's there, It really, it truly is there. There are there's such a large number of entitled. 00:55:06
Lots. 00:55:11
That's where you can walk in and drop your plants and get a permit. 00:55:12
They aren't being built on the House. 00:55:16
There is some truth to this. There are 8010 thousand 12,000. 00:55:19
20,000 square foot lots. 00:55:24
There are very many of 6000 or 5004 pounds square foot loss. 00:55:26
And there aren't a lot of cities that are looking at those kind of locked sizes and saying, yeah, you can build. 00:55:31
1500 square foot, half of the car. 00:55:37
We are seeing that either. 00:55:41
And candidly. 00:55:42
I think if you enable that. 00:55:43
You would struggle with my build, your build. 00:55:45
Yeah, it's tough as you could. I don't disagree it's a problem. And I, and I don't really criticize, criticize the states trying 00:55:51
to address an issue issue. 00:55:56
Are really hard issues all right and. 00:56:03
But. 00:56:06
I don't know. I just don't see. 00:56:07
For holiday, it's hard to figure out how. 00:56:09
Checking their boxes is going to create an opportunity to produce more lower income houses, right? 00:56:13
Scripture presents us with moving target and we never. We don't know. 00:56:20
Well, this, this year's requirements are going to be. It is really a report. Yeah, it's really important that you. 00:56:24
Make sure our elected representatives your your state. 00:56:31
Legislators who represent this area. 00:56:35
I understand that It would be great if you could just. 00:56:38
Keep the target this year for a couple of years. Hold it still. 00:56:41
We've done so much from the language perspective. 00:56:45
In state along the last three years, Let's hold it still, right? 00:56:49
I'm not. And that's why it's important to put that hand on board to to into, you know, interface with city officials and make sure 00:56:53
we're not. 00:56:56
You know vacuum of information and and. 00:57:01
Make sure implants. So yeah. 00:57:04
I think our next step would be. 00:57:08
Preserving what we have. 00:57:11
And we do. 00:57:13
And that might be moved towards. 00:57:16
I mean, right now we don't if we can't get a project. 00:57:21
With a certain number of certain. 00:57:25
With that contractual requirement we have. 00:57:30
Some of you already. 00:57:33
So. 00:57:35
We have these things in our back pocket. 00:57:37
It is, you know, it's an honest effort to try and create. 00:57:39
Some affordable price. 00:57:42
It's also. 00:57:45
It's also an argument. 00:57:47
You know part of the clip you're looking at, I think is. 00:57:48
Are already a client. 00:57:51
That we have outstanding. We're gonna take it and take our positions in. 00:57:54
So was I think. 00:57:59
Knowledge There's an issue. We acknowledge the holiday at Park Place and figure out how to do it right. And we're we want to hold 00:58:02
on to that money. 00:58:06
Send it. 00:58:10
So when when you get an opportunity to deploy it because. 00:58:11
If you want to have water, require something. 00:58:15
Yeah. 00:58:18
And so if it's rehabbing, existing. 00:58:19
Have you got the money that we can go do that and then keep restrict that? 00:58:22
You know to meet that requirement, but it's an argument for us to. 00:58:27
With our state official single. 00:58:31
Don't take our money. We're trying and when we have an opportunity with it, we. 00:58:34
We intend to use it to try to. 00:58:38
Impact in addition. 00:58:41
So. 00:58:44
Thank you. 00:58:50
Thank you. 00:58:55
All right. 00:59:08
OK, this is the 1770 Holiday Blvd. 00:59:12
The house. 00:59:19
Our house. 00:59:20
It is now. 00:59:23
Your district, yeah. 00:59:26
Your house. 00:59:28
OK, so we. 00:59:29
Purchased the 1770 S. 00:59:31
Hobby Blvd. 00:59:35
Brothers. 00:59:37
Medication. 00:59:38
On this property there are three structures. We have a garage. 00:59:41
With the apartment underneath it. 00:59:45
We've got the main house which is 2 levels. 00:59:48
And then we have a cottage house in the back. 00:59:51
Access to this is off of a driveway on Holiday Blvd. 00:59:56
That and this property is. 01:00:02
Behind two other. 01:00:05
Providence. 01:00:06
So set back. 01:00:07
The goal is that we. 01:00:10
This right here. 01:00:14
It floods. 01:00:16
Cottage. 01:00:17
Several feet at what's the main house? Basement. Several. 01:00:19
That they qualify as affordable housing. 01:00:23
Strike that. 01:00:29
What? 01:00:32
The purpose of. 01:00:33
This. 01:00:34
Being on the agenda today is forced to. 01:00:36
Recommend that we go ahead and demo. 01:00:40
The structures and. 01:00:43
I'm here to see. 01:00:45
Your. 01:00:48
OK, to proceed forward with that. 01:00:49
The purpose is not to. 01:00:54
Come forward at this moment and present options. 01:00:56
For the properties, use. We'd first like to get. 01:01:00
The structures down first. 01:01:03
And then science seed. 01:01:06
For you guys to think about. 01:01:10
What you guys do want to use the property for? 01:01:12
I, like, Mats noted and talked to some of the property owners. 01:01:16
Adjacent to the property, mainly the one. 01:01:21
Right here. 01:01:26
And I said to that person as well. Look, if you guys. 01:01:27
Like. 01:01:33
1. 01:01:34
We're out looking to turn it into a public park. 01:01:34
With access issues. 01:01:38
2. 01:01:40
We're not gonna light it because he's asking about questions like lighting. 01:01:41
And other. 01:01:45
Types of improvements and I've just flat out told them, but we. 01:01:46
You have not had a discussion as to what that use is gonna be. 01:01:50
We do know that. 01:01:54
Some of that uses. 01:01:55
Gonna have to be. 01:01:57
Flood control facility. 01:01:59
And. 01:02:02
Beyond that, we don't know. 01:02:03
So. 01:02:05
I said, look, if you wanna talk to your neighbors and. 01:02:09
Maybe come to math? 01:02:13
Presents something. I'm sure he would be open to it, but. 01:02:16
Again, that's not the purpose of this. 01:02:19
Discussion item today. 01:02:22
You'd like to you present it and just get your OK with the demo of it. 01:02:24
So if the demolition appears. 01:02:29
All from the condition of the property. 01:02:31
And welcome the timeline here. 01:02:35
So. 01:02:39
Week I'd like to get this demo before fall. 01:02:41
Or. 01:02:46
During the fall, I would not want it to go into our winter. 01:02:46
This makes it a little bit more challenging I think. 01:02:51
The property right now is not being maintained. 01:02:55
It is propagating. 01:02:58
Weeds and uncontrolled vegetation. 01:03:01
One of the options might be to just. 01:03:05
But that naturally restore itself into a natural vegetative condition. 01:03:07
But. 01:03:16
Long term, you know, again, we'd like to get this demoed and then come back to City Council. 01:03:18
In fact, two months or so. 01:03:24
With some. 01:03:26
Thoughts and. 01:03:28
Have further discussion on that? 01:03:30
And I think what you end up with is great ground. 01:03:33
I don't think there's any plan to go ahead and do it every representation or anything else but the structures often. 01:03:39
And I think there's opportunities. 01:03:49
Yeah. 01:03:52
Think again. That's a discussion for, you know, let's. 01:03:54
Work it is. We can't read it out because we've already we've purchased it because we have also liability and if we're not going to 01:03:58
rent it out, to me it's it's an attractive nuisance and we want to get rid of that because we're going to have a liability there. 01:04:05
You want to break in, live in there. 01:04:14
So one thing that we could consider as a part of the discussion is do we want to leave the concrete foundations? 01:04:18
Or do we want to demo this kind of as well? 01:04:26
Yeah, you know, I don't seem like there's any purpose in having destroyed especially the green with these structures in there. 01:04:30
They can't. They're never going to build on, I would just say. 01:04:34
Foundations. 01:04:40
Ohh, just to save some costs. 01:04:43
Any because we don't know what the. 01:04:46
Ultimate purposes. 01:04:48
We would never agree to use those foundations, but. 01:04:50
Let me. 01:04:54
Cheaper to take them out while we got Democrats? Yes, I would say so. If if the ultimate condition would be. 01:04:56
Yeah. 01:05:05
If you have some photos of the property. 01:05:07
And it was. I put it together Quick slideshow. It's about a minute and 1/2. 01:05:10
Just. 01:05:16
Because I know. 01:05:16
Probably none of you guys been inside of the property and you might want to know what it looks like. 01:05:18
Um. 01:05:23
If you want me to pause on any of the photos, Stephanie. 01:05:24
Each one that. 01:05:31
2 seconds and one so. 01:05:32
These are taken in. 01:05:34
April, So there's still. 01:05:36
Couple months old and it's. 01:05:38
Vegetations got much. 01:05:40
More. 01:05:42
Control. 01:05:44
So this is the main room upper level or main building upper level. 01:05:45
Very solid Gable. 01:05:56
You know, so or this is the basement lower level every main. 01:05:59
Lower level? No, not really. 01:06:04
The last thing that followed was. 01:06:08
2021, yeah. 01:06:11
Was the 2020? 01:06:15
I think it's 21. 01:06:17
This is all the basement. 01:06:21
So that's the cottage house. 01:06:23
Which gives us the art studio. 01:06:27
I didn't provide the pictures with the grow room. 01:06:29
Alright, so is that. 01:06:38
That's the oldest structure on the property report condition, really. 01:06:42
3/19/97. 01:06:52
1920s, I think, right. So was this, Yeah, that that was the garage. This is the apartment below the garage. 01:06:55
Was the cottage that's like in? 01:07:03
Deepest part. 01:07:06
Yeah. 01:07:09
You're stuck in there. 01:07:12
So if you could, maybe an adjacent property? 01:07:16
Construction. 01:07:22
City. 01:07:26
Area. 01:07:29
Right. Yeah. I'm not sure when Salt Lake City burned that up. 01:07:33
If I was the property owner. 01:07:41
Time I would have, definitely. 01:07:43
Asked what was going on. 01:07:47
Yeah, so I don't know. 01:07:51
You know, coincidentally. 01:07:52
We we found an old diary in my parents papers that belong with another family and the story that I. 01:07:55
Gave the environment to. 01:08:01
Sanders last week, and the woman came to pick it up. 01:08:04
With the granddaughter. 01:08:08
Of. 01:08:10
Wood chair, and she said it's a child. 01:08:11
She knew that every year all the neighbors used to go clean the house. 01:08:14
All of the storm drain covers, it was a neighborhood project. It's like. 01:08:18
50 years ago. 01:08:25
And. 01:08:26
And she said back in the day. 01:08:28
Anyway. 01:08:32
Yeah, you also said that there was there was some. 01:08:35
Sculptures on the property of Stone. 01:08:39
Ohh you know. 01:08:42
The young family were architects yet? 01:08:45
Yeah, there were. There were, there were some, apparently some stone. There's some monument or something on this property, like a 01:08:48
statue. 01:08:51
Yeah. 01:08:58
Are you carrying any? 01:09:03
No. 01:09:09
So. 01:09:13
The person the neighbor is saying that. 01:09:14
His father used to own the property. Her grandfather, I can't remember. The architect. Yeah, yeah, he had indicated that the. 01:09:18
The cottage was a barracks from. 01:09:26
Williams. 01:09:30
And brought over after campaigns was done with it. 01:09:31
I think he would be the only one that has any concerns about historic value and. 01:09:37
He's had no interest in. 01:09:42
Having any discussion. 01:09:44
Protected. 01:09:46
More historically extremely elementary. 01:09:49
And. 01:09:52
Yeah. 01:09:54
So. 01:09:55
Councils. 01:09:56
Is on board. We'll go ahead and issue a RFP to get her up a bit. 01:09:59
To get some contractors to come in and demo it. 01:10:04
Yeah, actually before. 01:10:08
Yeah. 01:10:10
Not. 01:10:13
It's in my bed, but we've already prepared the document. I think it's about. 01:10:31
3500 maybe? 01:10:36
Thank you. 01:10:38
John, would you have me? 01:10:38
OK. 01:10:48
Sounds like we have a Yeah, yeah, yeah, it is. 01:10:55
And and the foundations too. 01:10:58
Foundations. 01:11:00
Only say that because you end up taking that anyway. 01:11:05
And it'll cost you more to have it come back. If they're they're not that hard to just. 01:11:08
Pull up equipment. 01:11:13
Yeah, yeah. 01:11:16
Use the garage at risk of finding it all. 01:11:18
The garage is not. 01:11:20
And I would also say that the upper level of the main structures got right or lower level. 01:11:22
Yeah, that has to go. But does the garage period and the apartment below it have No. 01:11:28
Value. 01:11:35
What? 01:11:38
OK. 01:11:39
I'm not sure what the city would be. There was not. 01:11:40
Couldn't. 01:11:44
Just a quick question, Jerry. 01:11:47
And. 01:11:49
What's the? 01:11:50
Legal. 01:11:51
Position on the on the red piece that. 01:11:52
From Holiday Blvd. back to the site, is that is that our ownership or is that easy? 01:11:56
So I think we have an easement. 01:12:02
Thought. 01:12:05
And then? 01:12:06
We have a square up here that is ours. Ohh, it's a separate parcel. 01:12:07
Parking they were talking about. 01:12:14
Yeah, I remember. 01:12:15
So that would be when we come back to you guys in a couple months, OK. 01:12:17
Yeah, so I would be part of that discussion. So explain to me the. 01:12:22
Access audio, yeah. 01:12:29
Property. 01:12:33
Because we bought this property. 01:12:35
We would have the right as well because of the property. 01:12:38
Yeah. 01:12:41
It runs with the property. 01:12:43
The other question is approximately. 01:12:45
3/3. 01:12:49
And the. 01:12:51
Drainage on another is approximately. 01:12:52
2nd. 01:12:55
At least half of the lot. 01:12:58
Yeah. 01:12:59
Please. 01:13:00
So we might have. 01:13:02
Years or something usable. 01:13:05
I know where you're going with this. 01:13:09
So. 01:13:12
I I think if you wanted to explore a structure. 01:13:13
I know, John. 01:13:17
I'm just curious. 01:13:20
Yeah, like we wanted to try and sell the lot as a buildable lot. 01:13:22
Right, John, Billy the person you need to discuss. But. 01:13:27
From a. 01:13:30
Engineering standpoint, I think that you could build a structure at the same elevation as the main floor. 01:13:32
And the main garage there but nothing below, but I'm not sure that. 01:13:39
That's. 01:13:43
Ohh, that's really not part of this. I really do houses on stilts. 01:13:45
Driving is still a straight cut concrete foundation up to that. 01:13:50
Level. 01:13:54
Stop. 01:13:56
Space. 01:13:58
Anyway, that's another discussion, yeah. 01:14:02
Alright, thank you. 01:14:06
Yeah, look. 01:14:07
Right. You just keep rolling, Jared. Yep. And next item, 88, man. 01:14:09
Eight-year round. 01:14:13
OK, so. 01:14:15
Just a quick summary here. 01:14:17
We approached. 01:14:20
City Council. It's actually been a while ago. I can't believe how long it's been there. 01:14:21
I think last. 01:14:25
All. 01:14:26
About. 01:14:27
Two options to replace the a ramp. 01:14:28
For the. 01:14:32
Indian ramp is really twofold. 01:14:34
The main. 01:14:36
Reason why we do need to do this is because we are planning on doing significant. 01:14:37
Remodeling or Improvements to City Hall? 01:14:44
And that kind of triggers a ADA compliant code. 01:14:47
And then two is just. 01:14:51
It's the right thing to do anyways. 01:14:53
And we gotta deal with the. 01:14:55
Tile situation up there. 01:14:57
So. 01:15:00
The Council is definitely on board with the replacement of the entryway. 01:15:02
Two options that we had given was if we just deal only with the 88 ramp and some slight modifications to the stairway to make a 01:15:08
grant work. 01:15:13
And then the second option was a more holistic approach to enhancing. 01:15:18
The. 01:15:23
Access and the entryway that make it a little bit more beautiful. 01:15:25
And. 01:15:29
Basically complete demo of the stairway and then rebuild the grant. 01:15:32
Council selected the second option, which was the complete demo and the rebuild of the ramp. 01:15:37
So we asked Denton House, which has a studio. 01:15:43
And the Dodge? 01:15:48
To go ahead and prepare those designs. 01:15:50
For us to go ahead and proceed with construction on that. 01:15:53
We'd like to present that design here. 01:15:57
With you and make sure that. 01:16:00
Council is still on board with what? 01:16:03
We have received direction on and. 01:16:06
Definitely gets a little bit of feedback on while we're out. We're good with the same powder coated. 01:16:10
Railings and the color of that powder coating. 01:16:15
The style of them. 01:16:18
The design shows. 01:16:21
But. 01:16:23
What is being presented is a match of the existing so. 01:16:24
Umm. 01:16:28
Just in quick summary, we are going to be widening. 01:16:32
Out a little bit here, there is a black hole that's not made it into the rendering, so it's going to be kind of right here at the 01:16:35
edge. 01:16:38
Umm. 01:16:42
We do have a row of. 01:16:43
These. 01:16:46
4 columnar trees that camera factories they are, They're gonna have to come out. 01:16:47
We'll replant the financial box in there. 01:16:53
Hopefully save this country. 01:16:57
And. 01:17:00
So it'll be the vegetation there, it's going to have to come out the trees and. 01:17:01
I'd like to see a small little Japanese. 01:17:07
People there but. 01:17:10
Let's see. 01:17:12
So with that question, how much further out is the? 01:17:15
At the top of the staircase like the porch. 01:17:19
Know what you call the, the top level, how much further out is it? Yeah. 01:17:22
Alright. 01:17:27
So if you go up. 01:17:28
Stephanie, a page or two we do have. 01:17:30
The. 01:17:33
Drawings and. 01:17:35
I'll take the. 01:17:39
Because we're increasing the width of the rack width 77 3/4 inch. 01:17:42
So but. 01:17:48
60 Change. 01:17:50
And this area is we discussed in our Council meeting last fall. 01:17:53
The council was good with it being radiant, he did. 01:17:59
So. 01:18:02
That will also be added in. 01:18:03
Of the steps and the. 01:18:05
Platform. 01:18:07
It's not covered. 01:18:08
The ADA ramp is not gonna be great. You did. 01:18:10
Generally the. 01:18:14
Parks the The maintenance hurricane did a shovel. 01:18:18
On that. 01:18:21
Relatively quickly. 01:18:22
Once a day. 01:18:25
Issue we're correcting a. 01:18:28
Is it? Is it the slope of the ramp that's the problem? 01:18:31
Correct. 01:18:37
Yeah, and it's the slope sign, actually. 01:18:39
Other than the slope. 01:18:44
You wouldn't have to do it. 01:18:47
The current Wednesday is not. Is not, It's not. 01:18:51
In a couple of spots. 01:18:56
That's looks like one of those things that it's like so close, but it's it's not compliant. 01:18:58
Um. 01:19:03
Yeah. 01:19:05
Yeah, the column is a big issue there and then. 01:19:07
Even the the runs. 01:19:12
Just let you know by a couple inches. 01:19:15
It's annoying. 01:19:17
Yeah. 01:19:21
It should just refresh my memory absence of that column. 01:19:23
You could have a straightforward design. 01:19:27
Try to move the car. 01:19:35
Yeah. 01:19:38
Yeah. 01:19:40
That was. 01:19:41
Was wasn't an option that we presented last fall because it was just so ridiculously expensive. I think it was a discussion. 01:19:43
Around that, but not really a feasible option. 01:19:52
So they could read though. 01:19:55
Is it hard for them to maneuver to get into the door? How do they do that? So again, they're going to have about A7. 01:19:58
What? 01:20:07
Platform up here. You come off and come around. Come around. 01:20:07
Far more than. 01:20:14
Yeah. 01:20:16
We are proposing an entire work that existing tile, even under the covered portion. 01:20:20
Is going to be demoed. 01:20:25
The whole stairway from the doorway out is getting yellow, so access will have to be. 01:20:28
Uh. 01:20:33
Back for the most part, very, very construction. 01:20:35
Or like, we'll see what we could do. 01:20:40
To get. 01:20:43
Some access in there, you know you have to stay away. 01:20:44
Ohh. 01:20:48
Some. 01:20:49
Or Gramps or something like that, but. 01:20:50
One of. 01:20:53
We may not. 01:20:55
Be able to accommodate in HERE access at all. 01:20:56
I haven't really talked to Gina about. 01:21:00
I'm just kind of thinking through things as I'm talking through. How long will it take? 01:21:04
I think it will be. 01:21:09
She well. 01:21:10
Like 3 to 4 weeks. 01:21:12
Hello plus. 01:21:14
Yeah ohh yeah. To get the. 01:21:18
Yeah, yeah, yeah. 01:21:21
Thank you. 01:21:24
OK. 01:21:26
Yes. 01:21:27
The primary. 01:21:31
I don't know. I will find out, but I don't think we didn't know yet. 01:21:33
Now. 01:21:38
We haven't written the bid for this. 01:21:45
I haven't gone through all the construction steps that I would. 01:21:48
Quality into a bid is what our constraints. 01:21:51
For access would be. 01:21:54
Schedule. 01:21:57
5th. 01:21:59
When we get. 01:22:02
Alright. 01:22:04
Did you get that from house license to do something different than the existing appeal that makes sense as far as the color of the 01:22:07
railings and that kind of stuff I definitely, but we talked about options and. 01:22:14
They're pretty pleased with, you know, Yeah, they were the ones who. 01:22:22
Suggested widening it up on the side. And I was like, do you really want to do that? And they're like, yeah, we really want to do 01:22:28
this. 01:22:31
So just from the time pathetic perspective, yeah, they wanted symmetric, right? I was like. 01:22:35
Ohh OK. 01:22:41
But yeah, I was like, what? 01:22:44
Right. 01:22:48
I'm. 01:22:50
I asked Joe, the assistant city engineer, to just confirm that the platform doesn't have to be relocated. He said. That's good, 01:22:53
but I might have to. 01:22:57
Have been walking through the well because it kind of looks like it's in the way. 01:23:03
Yeah. 01:23:08
There. 01:23:09
There is a window well here that's not shown in the rendering. 01:23:10
We'll have to, but up against. 01:23:16
Yeah. 01:23:21
There is one thing we have struggled with. This is where we can put it. 01:23:25
And I don't know whether. 01:23:36
Do you want to talk about? 01:23:40
Here's the piece out of. 01:23:42
I don't know if you want any thought or given. 01:23:49
Incorporate like tracks into that. 01:23:54
That would be it, no. 01:23:58
It's good. 01:24:00
People went. 01:24:03
That would that would be weird, but I would. 01:24:04
Let's say. 01:24:06
The Council's on board with something up here. 01:24:07
Well, we don't really have. 01:24:14
You have to build a separate block where you over there. 01:24:15
Um. 01:24:18
You end up eating up a lot of landscape for that walkway just to get there, unless maybe we come up here. 01:24:21
Straight out the sidewalk? Yeah, maybe. 01:24:29
And how many bike racks would? 01:24:42
You want an argument. 01:24:45
Really. 01:24:50
Yeah. 01:24:52
That would be a lot easier easier to deal with. 01:24:54
Alright. Did you say the color, is it or is that the color of the railing? 01:24:59
Yeah. 01:25:07
Yeah, that's what we have. 01:25:09
Yeah, just because. 01:25:11
Historic building and and we should try to honor, yeah, historicity and. 01:25:14
They didn't. 01:25:19
I mean probably the only other color they would. 01:25:21
Consider it would be black or. 01:25:24
Like this? 01:25:28
Yeah. 01:25:29
They like the brown. 01:25:30
Do you have another color you want? 01:25:31
Sure, the basic license. 01:25:36
I love you. 01:25:39
Have their mouth and they point to another color on a palette and. 01:25:41
Touch that and all changes. So if you want to see another color pink. 01:25:45
Rendering. 01:25:51
Maybe this? 01:25:53
Give me that. 01:25:55
Statement. 01:25:59
Another half pipe office in here, yeah? 01:26:07
Spikes on there? Yeah, for sure. 01:26:11
OK. 01:26:17
Well. 01:26:19
Any other questions? 01:26:20
Good. 01:26:22
Having reposted this for. 01:26:23
Yeah. 01:26:29
Character. 01:26:32
Did you know? You know exactly how much ringing? 01:26:35
Keeping costs. So it's kind of my unknown, but I think definitely. 01:26:37
Yeah, I mean with the boiler. 01:26:44
There's no longer like 20 grand. 01:26:49
And then? 01:26:51
The use of like the actual. 01:26:52
Use this helmet. 01:26:55
Driveway I have a friend builder to the test and it was around 150 bucks. 01:26:58
Yeah. So we want to look at that. I would say that was in the case of the driveway, right? That's a lot bigger circles. 01:27:06
Well. 01:27:15
Maybe. 01:27:16
Options. 01:27:18
OK. 01:27:23
You don't have to put it in as an optional. 01:27:24
Yeah. 01:27:29
They have to figure. 01:27:31
10 years ago I found my driveway for it. It was 10 grand just for the plumbing for shadow and then the boiler is 20. 01:27:34
So I didn't have kids, right? 01:27:41
Although I seem like I always have. 01:27:48
Great. 01:27:52
So just one more thing. We were joking about the skaters, but but I think we probably do need to. 01:27:55
Put some anti skating. 01:28:02
Going on the ramp, but also all these ones coming down the steps. 01:28:05
9. 01:28:10
On those hand rails and rails coming down. 01:28:11
OK, so if we put the little crown, just a little shirt anti grinding. 01:28:15
Ohh no. 01:28:20
City Hall. 01:28:25
Yeah. 01:28:27
And you're trying to do what you're doing. 01:28:29
OK. 01:28:35
Karen. 01:28:42
In the render, Yeah, OK, I'll have them. 01:28:44
Next item on the agendas are. 01:28:52
City Hall. 01:28:56
Scientific study. 01:28:57
I'm here to present the seismic study with some. 01:28:59
Uh. 01:29:04
Criteria that was used. 01:29:05
And then? 01:29:07
Reconstruction. 01:29:09
Big project for working on. 01:29:12
So. 01:29:14
After touring. 01:29:19
Alright. 01:29:24
It occurred to us that we should probably look at. 01:29:30
Facebook. 01:29:34
And so we have started in, the police said, looking at carpet. 01:29:38
Yeah. 01:29:46
One of the first challenges that we realized it because the first part of what Jared is going to talk about. 01:29:47
Which is the issue. 01:29:56
This night. 01:30:00
In addition. 01:30:03
Selling some other options. 01:30:05
Facebook. 01:30:09
So this is a two-part presentation. Tonight's the first piece. 01:30:12
Yeah. 01:30:22
So. 01:30:23
We. 01:30:29
In 2020 there was a magnitude 5.7. 01:30:31
Earthquake in West Valley. 01:30:35
19 miles away from the city. 01:30:39
There was some shaking here in the building but nothing was identified as being damaged. 01:30:44
And so in about the 100 year history building. 01:30:50
I haven't found any records. 01:30:54
That we have a full record of earthquake damage. 01:30:56
Uh. 01:31:00
Help. 01:31:01
Ohh, that's just long history. 01:31:03
A little bit more history and. 01:31:06
Like everybody knows, he's even Mr. Weird today and the discussions that the building was originally constructed in 1928. 01:31:09
Was it 4 bedroom classroom? 01:31:18
And there was an expansion in 1936 these. 01:31:20
These two. 01:31:26
Building periods were built with wood trusses. 01:31:28
And then in 1946 and 51, there were two more expansions. 01:31:32
Those were built with concrete trusses. 01:31:38
Mostly, I think, over the police precinct area. 01:31:42
Then in the early 2. 01:31:46
Well. 01:31:49
We purchased the property in the early 2000s and then we had the 2008. 01:31:51
Remodel where we expanded it built. 01:31:56
Up addition. 01:31:59
On the West side. 01:32:00
And remodeled the inside. 01:32:02
The total building is about 44,000 square feet. 01:32:07
And. 01:32:10
Uh. 01:32:12
OK, so. 01:32:14
We. 01:32:15
S. 01:32:16
Put out a. 01:32:17
RP for. 01:32:21
Engineers who specialize in scientific studies that do one on the building. 01:32:23
We selected a firm that's done many. 01:32:27
Most of the work is actually on hold. 01:32:31
Churches. 01:32:33
They have done. 01:32:34
Some. 01:32:36
Many municipal buildings as well. 01:32:37
We were quite happy with engineering that we selected. They came in and asked well what's the criteria that you want to use for 01:32:42
our study and we talked about it a fair bit. 01:32:47
And after we get done with our discussions, what we wanted to do. 01:32:54
Yes. 01:32:59
Designed for. 01:33:00
Uses the building. 01:33:02
After a frequent. 01:33:04
Earthquake magnitude. 01:33:07
So this is. 01:33:10
In our In American Society of Civil Engineering, they produced documentations for criteria for these studies. 01:33:12
This would be. 01:33:19
The BSE-1 earthquake. 01:33:20
So this represents a. 01:33:25
About of 1 and 225 year return period. 01:33:27
That would be quickly kind of 4 1/2 magnitude earthquake. 01:33:33
With. 01:33:38
Near. 01:33:40
Or along the fault lines near. 01:33:41
City Hall. 01:33:44
The. 01:33:48
So the VSG earthquake represents a 5% probability of. 01:33:50
In 50 years or about 1:00. 01:33:56
1000 year return period. 01:33:59
That's quite a bad 7.0 magnitude earthquake. 01:34:01
I think. 01:34:06
I tried to verify that the seven. 01:34:07
Ohh, it's either this. 01:34:10
For this criteria or this criteria, which would be about a 2025 hundred year. 01:34:12
Um. 01:34:17
So if we were to experience that big one. 01:34:21
The. 01:34:24
Likelihood of the building right now. 01:34:25
Would. 01:34:27
Much of it would be collapsed. It would definitely put. 01:34:28
Anybody in the building? 01:34:32
At a life. 01:34:34
And death situation. 01:34:35
The building would not be useful and it would have to be torn down likely. 01:34:38
At that point. 01:34:44
Built to. 01:34:46
So actually note that here it says. 01:34:47
New construction was the 2500 year, 2% fifty years. 01:34:51
We are. 01:34:58
We looked at the option of going to that current code and basically. 01:34:59
It was determined that it would be cheaper to just raise her building and building new. 01:35:05
So. 01:35:10
Making modifications to it, she got not in the cards. 01:35:11
If we want to keep going. 01:35:16
Campbell. 01:35:20
Yeah. 01:35:22
Uh. 01:35:24
So. 01:35:25
I kind of went over. 01:35:27
What the results are? 01:35:29
The building would. 01:35:31
What would happen to the building and the events of those two earthquakes high? 01:35:32
The earthquake that would occur more frequently. 01:35:38
An earthquake. 01:35:42
The big one that would occur less frequently. 01:35:43
I'm gonna also know. 01:35:47
Scroll up again. 01:35:50
I had some. 01:35:52
Notes in here about. 01:35:54
This big one. 01:35:59
Along the Wasatch Front. 01:36:02
What's seated outfit? 01:36:04
I think it's further down there. 01:36:06
It says. 01:36:09
Yeah, this is just kind of an interesting fact. 01:36:12
The seven OH magnitude earthquake occurs about once every 300 years along the Wasatch Front. 01:36:16
We actually haven't had one of these in 1400 years. 01:36:26
So the likelihood of that big one occurring just because the average over? 01:36:32
I don't know. 01:36:37
Thousands, 10s of thousands of years of. 01:36:38
An average of 300 years and it hasn't ruptured. 01:36:41
For 1400 years, it kind of just means it's building up ready to go. 01:36:47
This fault line. 01:36:51
Looking at. 01:36:54
The USGS, I mean the the Utah geological map. 01:36:55
Is as close as 200 feet. 01:36:59
On this building. 01:37:01
Not, not that far away. 01:37:03
Um. 01:37:07
This fault line does run. 01:37:09
One watch out front so. 01:37:11
Yeah. 01:37:14
The. 01:37:16
Epicenter of that earthquake could. 01:37:17
Obviously be anywhere along that fault line. There's lots of. 01:37:20
Other. 01:37:24
Parallel runs as well. 01:37:26
Let's talk about the mitigation approach. 01:37:32
Uh. 01:37:34
The structural engineer at the time they were doing their study. 01:37:35
Assume that we. 01:37:39
Well, let me. 01:37:41
They came in and. 01:37:43
Did their findings and they found that. 01:37:44
We basically have. 01:37:49
Two big problems. 01:37:51
Three big problems. 01:37:54
The walls. 01:37:56
The masonry walls and the. 01:37:58
Support. 01:38:01
Got it. 01:38:03
The bearing walls are not connected to the roof. 01:38:04
Or to the floors? 01:38:08
Or. 01:38:11
Lateral shaking. 01:38:12
Because they're made out of concrete. 01:38:15
The bearing support is like, great, we've got the bearing support. 01:38:18
But. 01:38:23
Very supportive that a vertical load that just transfers the weight down into the ground. 01:38:23
A lateral load is when you get the shaking. 01:38:29
And that's where we have our big problem. 01:38:33
So. 01:38:36
In building scanners, it's. 01:38:37
Or problem is referred to as unreinforced masonry. 01:38:41
Yeah, we have masonry, which is the bricks and stuff. 01:38:45
But there's no steel in it. 01:38:49
Help. 01:38:50
They're not connected to you. 01:38:51
The roof. 01:38:53
And the. 01:38:54
The floor. 01:38:56
That would prevent that wall from. 01:38:57
Clapping in that shaking. 01:39:03
Motion So. 01:39:05
Questions about that. 01:39:07
OK. 01:39:09
So. 01:39:10
In this era of construction. 01:39:11
Yeah. 01:39:15
Yeah. 01:39:16
And. 01:39:18
So so that's the problem we got. 01:39:20
No connections at the roof, no connections at the floor And then? 01:39:22
The third problem is the unreinforced page. 01:39:26
So those three things.