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Public CommentsAny person wishing to comment on any item not otherwise on the agenda may provide their comment via email to the Council prior to 5:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting to, with the subject line: Public Comment. Comments are subject to the Public Comment Policy set forth below IV.
Public Hearing on Participation in Ranked Choice Voting for 2021 Municipal Election Stan Lockhart went over presentation in the packet.
Opened PH at 6:33 V.
Consideration of Ordinance 2021-11 Ranked Choice Voting No Motion - Council elected not to act on this at this time.  VI.
Presentation of 2021-22 Tentative Budgets- Gina Chamness The Tentative Budget will be available on the city website on Monday, May 10 for public review   VII.
Consideration of Resolution 2021-13 Acknowledging Receipt of and Adopting the Tentative 2021-2022 Fiscal Year Budgets & Setting a Public Hearing Date for June 3, 2021 (the City Council will acknowledge receipt of the tentative budgets from the Manager. This does not approve the budget)   Council Member Petersen moved to approve.  Council Member Fotheringham 2nd the motion.  The Council voted unanimously to approve.   VIII.
Consideration of Resolution 2021-14 Approving an Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Among Public Entities Regarding the Community Renewable Energy Program Council Member Fotheringham moved to approve.  Council Member Gibbons 2nd the motion. The Council voted unanimously to approve.     IX.
Consent Agenda a.  Approval of Minutes – March 11, 25, April 1 & 8, 2021 Council Member Petersen moved to approve the minutes.  Council Member Quinn 2nd .  Minutes were unanimously approved. X.
City Manager Report – Gina Chamness XI.
District Issues & Board ReportsCouncil Member Petersen stated the ground breaking of the skatepark will be in a few weeks.  They are looking at lighting for the skatepark.  She also expressed concern about the trees near the pickleball court. Council Member Drew thanked Tree Committee for the tree giveaway event.  She also expressed concern with the 24hr notice requirement for meetings and would like to look into that. Council Member Gibbons reported he is staring to hear from more residents about the property tax increase.  Also thanked UPD for being responsive to traffic issues. Council Member Durham  reported on the Tree Giveaway  650 trees were given away and they came in under budget.  There is already a waiting list for next year.  Thanked UPD for the seven officer show helped XII.
Recess City Council to RDA MeetingCouncil Member Petersen moved to Recess.  Council Member Fotheringham 2nd the motion.  The meeting recessed at 7:28 pm XIII.
Reconvene City Council in a Work Meetinga.
Update on Small Business Grant & Holla Dollars – LaNiecePlease review power point presentation in packet. b.
Update on ADU Plan - LaNiecePlease review power point presentation in packet. c.
Bird Scooter Discussion – LaNiecePlease review power point presentation in packet.  Council was not supportive of this program at this point.  Concerns were :  traffic, no scooters on sidewalk, not a lot of destination areas, geography issues and scooter clutter were some of the concerns expressed. c.
Discussion on Proposed Changes to Fee Schedule – Ginacleaned – up schedule and fees. Move it out of codified code and make it more of rules.  Will review in more detail at later meetings. d.
Discussion on Tentative BudgetCouncil will review and be ready to discuss next week. e.
Calendar Council Meetings – May 13 & 20, June 3, 10 & 17 XIV.        Closed Sessionpursuant to Utah Code Section 52-4-204 & 205 to Discuss Personnel   Issues, Potential Litigation and Property Acquisition and Disposition (if needed) XV.
AdjournCouncil Member Quinn moved to adjourn. Council Member Petersen 2nd. Council voted unanimously  Mtg adjourned at   8:40 pm
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