THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2021



PUBLIC NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Holladay City Council will hold a Council meeting Thursday, May 20, 2021 at 6:00 pm. It is possible that a member of the Council will be participating by electronic means.  The Council Chambers shall serve as the anchor location.   * Agenda items may be moved in order, sequence and time to meet the needs of the Council


All documents which are available to the City Council are also available on the City’s website or are linked in this agenda. Persons desiring to make public comment or to make comment during any public hearing may provide such comment as follows:


  1.  Email your comments by 5:00 pm on the date of the meeting to

  2. Live Stream -




I.                    WelcomeMayor Dahle

II.                  Play >>  Pledge of Allegiance

III.               Play >>  Public Comments
Any person wishing to comment on any item not otherwise on the agenda may provide their comment via email to the Council prior to 5:00 p.m. on the date of the meeting to, with the subject line: Public Comment. Comments are subject to the Public Comment Policy set forth below

IV.               Play >>  Continued Public Hearing on Proposed Rezone at Property Located in the Range of 4425 S -4449 S 2300 E and 2327 E 2359 E 4500 S from R-1-10 to R-2-10

V.                 Play >>  Consideration of Ordinance 2021-12 Amending the Zoning Map for Property Located in the Range of 4425 S -4449 S 2300 E and 2327 E 2359 E 4500 S from R-1-10 to R-2-10

-  Play >>  Motion   Sabrina moved to approve, Paul 2nd motion.  Unanimous

VI.               Play >>  Consideration of Ordinance 2021-13 Amending Title 9.48.090 and Title 13.040.040 Relating to Use & Regulation of Sporting Ramps
 Play >> Motion – Sabrina moved to adopt, Drew 2nd - Unanimous


VII.            Play >>  Consideration of Resolution 2021-15 Approving a Franchise Agreement with FirstDigital Telcom, LLC.


VIII.         Play >>  City Manager Report - Gina Chamness

IX.               Play >>  District Issues & Board Reports

X.                 Play >>  Recess City Council in a Work Meeting
.   Play >>  Continued Discussion on ADU – LaNiece Davenport
b.  Play >>  Discussion on 2020-21 Budget Amendments - Gina
c.  Continued Discussion on 2021-22 Tentative Budgets
      i.  Play >>  UPD –
Chief Hoyal
      ii.  Play >>  UFA
– Capt. Brown
      iii.   Play >>  Capital Fund –
Jared Bunch, City Engineer
     iv.  Questions    
d.  Calendar
Council Meetings –June 3, 10 & 17

XI.              Closed Session pursuant to Utah Code Section 52-4-204 & 205 to Discuss Personnel   Issues, Potential Litigation and Property Acquisition and Disposition (if needed)

XII.           Adjourn